Paiute Indian Chiefs and Leaders

Big Bill, A Paiute chief. 
     He led the Indians who aided the notorious Mormon John D. Lee in the mountain Meadows massacre in southwest Utah on Sept. 11, 1857

Wovoka (‘The Cutter’). A Paiute dreamer and medicine-man, and originator of the Ghost dance; born in west Nevada about 1856. His fattier, Tavibo, ‘White Man,’ was also a reputed medicine-man, and the son may have inherited the mystic tendency from him. After his father’s death the boy was taken into the family of a white rancher from whom he received the name of Jack Wilson, by which he was commonly known among the whites. He was still alive in 1905, but had lost in large measure his former influence. For an account of his supernatural mission, see Ghost dance.
     Consult Mooney, Ghost Dance Religion, 14th Rep. B. A. E., 1896.

The books presented are for their historical value only and are not the opinions of the Webmasters of the site.   Handbook of American Indians, 1906

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Hodge, Frederick Webb, Compiler. The Handbook of American Indians North of Mexico. Bureau of American Ethnology, Government Printing Office. 1906.

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  1. ’THE OWENS VALLEY PAIUTE WAR CHIEF ’’ Joaquin Jim is mistaken for western mono . HE is (eastern mono ) or Owens valley Paiute) He is From Big pine creek Paiute Band. HE was a younger blood relative to another Paiute CHIEF SHONDOW (Owens valley Paiute). he was war chief or our Paiute tribes during the Owens valley indian war, he was a WAR”” chief” of the Paiutes , that means he was Paiute. There’s one pic of him with his wife . says Joaquin Jim ( PAIUTE) . he was the leader of the big pine band of Paiutes that did not surrender to the us Calvary. he was Paiute of the Owens valley, or Owens river indian.( we prefer Owens valley Paiute.) since were all Paiute tribes. Mono don’t work. Were not the mono tribes of the Owens valley ? Are we ?I Say NOVI you say nobi? Some times the v is mistaken for B..READ about the mono language utu Aztecan . were in there as paviotso under Owens Valley Paiute . numu. The WANAHA Casino restaurant is TU-KA-NOVI (eat House in my big pine raised Paiute .tuka”= eat “ novi =house. Proof again The professional scholars that studied our language and our people can be found in the ETHNOGRAPHY OF THE OWENS VALLEY PAIUTE BY Julian H steward and uc Berkley . also the genealogy in the ethnology of the Owens valley included my ancestors. The Barlow’s, The Yandells,The Jones and Tibbets’s am a Direct DECENDANT from them also Salazar from kern river area of the Chico’s and Andreas of LAKE Isabella area. .also Linguist Sydney lamb 1950 . Labeled us as numu. Or PAVIOTSO . that’s what we are NUUMU !, “A lot of the internet is educating people with false info on the Indian war of the Owens valley” , or info interpreted wrong. they have editing rights and are wrong and lazy . the war startedin1862 and lasted 1867 the us Calvary was still stationed at fort independence as proof. If you research like your supposed to . you would know that the war lasted tell 1867 because the us Calvary fought the panamint Shoshone also known as TimbiSha at the southern part of the Owens valley.. or its still war and the U.S army just abandoned camp independence1867 ? REMBER THE PAIUTE WERE FIGHTING TO STAY IN THE VALLEY. ONLY 1/3 OF THE PAIUTES SURRENDERED(captain Georges band and 900 Paiute were forced to fort Tejon and only 300 showed up minus 50 in the night that escaped, 900 Paiutes were recorded .(the commander thought that twice as many remained in the valley . and in the book sawbuck joe it confirmed the Nevada Indians with firearms . Paiutes did only use bows tell later in the war .2people were Hung in N.V for helping the o.v. Paiutes! Because a lot of Indians have come” FROM OUTSIDE THE VALLEY FOR THE WAR” means a lot of us are descended from WARRIORS !.And if 900 Paiutes went to fort Tejon and only 300 showed up .That means 500 died in the mountains on the way to fort Tejon. IS THAT A TRAIL OF TEARS OR NOT!. We need credit for all we went through as a tribe. also they went straight thru the Mojave and to Tule river, they recorded 300 Paiutes in Tule river reservation. ”that’s captain Georges BAND”. THEY MADE UP TULE RIVER REZ1864 .there still there today!. that means all the Paiutes in Owens valley never surrendered and did not technically LOSE the war. Also before the battle of Mayfield canyon ( a massacre attempt stopped by Paiute Warriors .ONLY ONE RECORDED BY THE US ARMY AND IN museum war notes) was never credited to us .READ the letters to the Government from the settlers and you tell my who was winning the war. Read every battle, and think?. They don’t want us to know who we are.! The Owens valley Paiutes were Fierce. You can clearly see the U.S lost battle of “bishop creek “(because they retreated 15 miles to big pine, and came back to look for the Indians, found them, you know they were going to massacre them, like Owens lake massacre , they just lost and were coming back for revenge. and chased the Paiute and battled in Mayfield canyon. Where they were Ambushed by the Owens valley PAIUTE WARRIORS> and retreated again to independence 30 miles away. THAT’S A NOTHER LOST BATTLE>they got smart, stopped following us to the canyons and brought in howitzers (small cannons)’ to DESTROY the Paiute Indians .we had no fire power like that. you can search up Owens valley indian war. and compare what I’m saying please. There’s a picture of him and his wife and it says Paiute. not western mono or southern mono. the Owens valley is on the east of the sierras i.e.: eastern mono/ Owens valley Paiute in modern times. WE prefer Owens valley Paiute, we are very much Northern Paiute. this is reflected in our Culture language and traditions. Did you know the oldest recorded Owens valley Paiute name was TEHA She was 125 years of age. Again no credit . did you know the Paiutes of the Owens valley used the Paiute deadfall credit , did you the indian museums of California have hundreds of Owens valley artifacts that belong to the tribes of the Owens valley. There keeping our culture from us! .Did you Know the Owens valley Paiute use red ants as stitches, they would cut the heads off after they bit the cut closed tell the ‘cut’ was closed sometimes using 10 or more .again why don’t we get credit for this? The Owens valley Paiutes would risk there life and climb mountain tops, or high in trees to nests to get baby eagles, in pairs or in 4, raise them in wickiups on rabbit meat for falconry and eagle feathers .we rode and raisd horses also .there’s proof of a northward travel , Thank you for reading this and for your time . Joaquin Jim was a chief of the Paiutes that means he WAS Paiute. Please help get us credit for not surrendering and preventing massacre in Mayfield canyon April9. This is because they had to retreat( lost ) 15 miles then came back for revenge and again had to retreat!( minus there leaders who were killed in the battle of Mayfield canyon .Owens valley Paiutes deserve CREDIT > we lost a lot of family in this war and we deserve CREDIT AND RECOGNITION from U.s Calvary and U.S HISTORY! Did you know there was 2 forced walks of the Owens valley Paiute.? fort Tejon and Mojave walk? Also the massacre of Owens lake was by a Nevada REGIMENT that just came from the Nevada Paiute bannock war and murdered women and kids there before Owens lake .please research . The Owens Valley Paiute were as strong as the comanche ,or northern Paiute, Cherokee, Apache in defending there homelands . AND WE ARE STILL HERE! WE ARE Descendants of Chief Joaquin Jim’s band of PAIUTES! THAT DID NOT SURRENDER TO THE GOVERNMENT .and the renegades and captain George that made it back after fort Tejon. The .Bishop , big pine , independence .lone pine .Benton all Owens Valley Paiute tribes of California my name is Harley Williams member of Bishop Paiute tribe.Ca sep .13 .2022 and I wrote this because it is unclear who we are ! who we were! And why we are here ?. WERE ARE THE SOUTHERN MOST BAND OF NORTHERN PAIUTE ,and SHOSHONES FROM THE OWENS VALLEY AND HISTORY HAS SHOWN HOW STRONG WE WERE TOGETHER > WE DID NOT SURRENDER THEY DESERVE RESPECT ! and so do you! At fort Tejon they abused my people , read the fort notes from them, Also the Paiutes were fighting the toughest indian fighters of the DRAGOONS 2nd Calvary multiple regiments for 5 Years. AND THIS IGNORED BY EVERYONE WHO MENTIONS INDIANS> We half to message people, and or inform them, ask for change and recognition do what you can ,we need to speak and make change like our Late recent water warriors Harry and Monte you are missed. In there words , the whole valley was our garden! And in this study of the Owens valley Northern Paiute proves it _ ETHNOGRAPHY OF THE OWENS VALLEY PAIUTE BY Julian H steward is a must ! please help! (owens valley Paiute warrior with rifle ) 1900s (can be found owensvalleyhistory)

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