Omaha Indian Bands, Gens and Clans

Many tribes have sub-tribes, bands, gens, clans and phratry.  Often very little information is known or they no longer exist.  We have included them here to provide more information about the tribes.

Dhatada. One of the four gentes of the Hangashenu subdivision of the Omaha. The meaning is lost, although Dorsey translates it bird.

Dtepaitazhi (touch no buffalo head). A subgens of the Dhatada gens of the Omaha.

Dtesanhadtadhishan (pertaining to the sacred skin of an albino buffalo cow). Given as a subgens of the Hanga gens of the Omaha, but it is seemingly an error.

Hadtuitazhi (touches no green corn husks). A former subgens of the Hanga gens of the Omaha.

Hanga (‘leader’). A gens of the Hangashenu division of the Omaha.

Hangashenu (young men of the leaders. Fletcher). One of the two divisions of the Omaha, composed of the Wezhinshte, Inkesabe, Hanga, Dhatada, and Kanze gentes.

Iekidhe (Ieki¢ě, criers). A gens of the Inkesabe division of the Omaha. Dorsey in 15th Rep. B. A. E., 227, 1897.

Inewakhubeadhin (In‘ě-waqube-a¢in, ‘keepers of the mysterious stones’). A subgens of the Mandhinkagaghe gens of the Omaha. Dorsey in 15th Rep. B. A. E., 228, 1897.

Ingdhezhide (red dung). An Omaha gens on the Inshtasanda side of the tribal circle.

Inkesabe (black shoulder). An Omaha gens of the Hangashena division, the custodian of the tribal pipes. The sub-gentes are Iekidhe, Nonhdeitazhi, Wadhigizhe, and Watanzizhidedhatazhi.

Inshtasanda (inshta, ‘eye’ or ‘eyes’; sanda, an archaic and untranslatable term. Fletcher). One of the 2 divisions of the Omaha, containing the Mandhinkagaghe, Tesinde, Tapa, Ingdhezhide, and Inshtasanda gentes.

Inshtasanda. An Omaha gens, belonging to the Inshtasanda division. The sub divisions are Ninibatan, Real Inshtasanda, Washetan, and Real Thunder people.


Hodge, Frederick Webb, Compiler. The Handbook of American Indians North of Mexico. Bureau of American Ethnology, Government Printing Office. 1906.

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