Inquiry, Widow and Children of William Thornton

Fort Gibson, Indian Territory, February 9, 1871.

SIR: At suggestion of Rev. J. B. Jones, Indian agent for Cherokees, I have to request that you will, so far as is in your power, inform us if William Thornton, formerly of Company L, Third Indian Home Guards, left a widow, and, if so, if she has remarried or died since the soldier’s death, and at what date; also, if he left any children under sixteen, and their ages, or rather the dates of their births, and if any have died, thc dates of their deaths.

Respectfully, yours,
Special Agent United States Pension-Office.
Fort Gibson, Cherokee Nation.

42nd Congress. Alleged Frauds Against Certain Indian Soldiers. House of Representatives Report, 2nd Session, No. 96.

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