Hatteras Tribe

Hatteras Indians. An Algonquian tribe living in 1701 on the sand banks of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina east of Pamlico sound, and frequenting Roanoke Island.  Their single village, Sandbanks, had them only about 80 inhabitants.  They showed traces of white blood and claimed that some of their ancestors were white.  They may have been identical with the Croatan Indians with whom Raleigh’s colonists at Roanoke Island are supposed to have taken refuge.

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3 thoughts on “Hatteras Tribe”

  1. I am descended from the Mills family of the Albemarle Sound area. My ancestry is of this tribe, according to family genealogy.

  2. Well I’m A Descendant Of The Croatian Indians My Great Great Grandmother Was A Full Blooded Croatoan Indian Her Name Is Mollie Revels Pankey

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