G- Minnesota Indian Villages, Towns and Settlements

A complete listing of all the Indian villages, towns and settlements as listed in Handbook of Americans North of Mexico.

Gamiskwakoka-wininiwak (Kamĭskwa-wa‛kuka-wĭnĭwag, men or people of the place of much red cedar. Jones). A Chippewa band about pass lake, near the head of the Mississippi, in Minnesota.

Gawababiganikak (Kawapabikŭnĭ‛ kag, ‘place of much white earth’. W. J.). A Chippewa band about White Earth lake, N. w. Minn., officially reported to number 1,735 in 1905.

Grail. The name of a chief and of a band of Sisseton and Yankton Sioux occupying a village of 627 people on Big Stone lake, 280 m. from the agency in Minnesota in 1836, the other chief being Mazahpatah. Grail was probably a Sisseton Sioux. See Schoolcraft, Ind. Tribes, in, 612, 1853.

Grand Portage. A Chippewa band formerly at this place, on the N. shore of L. Superior in N. E. Minnesota; mentioned in La Pointe treaty (1854) in U. S. Ind. Treat,, 224, 1873.

Grape Island. A former Missisauga settlement, probably in N. Minnesota. Jones, Hist. Ojeb. Inds138,1861.

Gull Lake Band. A Chippewa band formerly on Gull lake, on the upper Mississippi, in Cass co., Minn. They sold their lands in 1863. (J. M.)

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