Dakota Indian Bands, Gens and Clans

Many tribes have sub-tribes, bands, gens, clans and phratry.  Often very little information is known or they no longer exist.  We have included them here to provide more information about the tribes.

  • Black Tiger. A Dakota band of 22 lodges, named from its chief; one of the bands not brought into Ft Peck agency in 1872. H. R. Ex. Doc. 96, 42d Cong., 3d sess., 15, 1873.
  • Cazazhita A Dakota division, under chief Shonka, or Dog; probably a part of the Teton, or perhaps the same as Broken Arrows and Wannawega.
  • Chanshushka (box elder) An unidentified division of the Dakota.
  • Chantapeta’s Band. A Dakota division, probably a part or all of the Hunkpapa, so called from their chief, commonly known as Fire Heart. H. R. Ex. Doc. 117, 19th Cong., 1st sess., 6, 1826.
  • Chasmuna (sandy). An unidentified Dakota division.
  • Chihupa (jawbone band). A former Dakota band under Sishhola, or Barefoot.
  • Congewichacha (wichacha= ‘man’). A Dakota division, possibly of the Teton. Cf. Kanghiyuha.
  • Esahateaketarpar (‘toward the Santee’, from Isanyate Santee, ektapa ‘toward’). A division of the Brule Dakota which had Tartonggarsarpar (Tatónka-tsapa, Black Buffalo Bull) for its principal chief in 1804.
  • Fire Lodge. One of the former Dakota bands below L. Traverse, Minn. Ind. Aff. Rep. 1859, 102, 1860.
  • Forked Horn. One of the Dakota bands below L. Traverse, Minn.; probably Wahpeton or Sisseton. Ind. Aff. Rep., 102, 1859.
  • Gens du Large (French: wandering people ). One of the two divisions of the Dakota, as given by Long (Exped. St Peters r., i, 380, 1824), comprising the following tribes: Kahra (a Sisseton band), Miakechakesa (Sisseton), Tetoans (Teton), Wahkpakota (Wahpekute), Wahkpatoan (Wahpeton), Yanktoanan (Yanktonai), Yanktoan (Yankton). It embraces all the group except the Mdewakanton, his Gens du Lac.https://accessgenealogy.com/native/handbook/dakota_indian_bands_gens_clans.htm
  • Grand Saux. Given apparently as equivalent to the Dakota of the plains, as distinguished from “Saux [Sioux] of the wood.” Trumbull, Ind. Wars, 185, 1851.
  • Grey Eagle Band. One of the Dakota bands below L. Traverse, Minn. (Ind. Aff. Rep. 1859, 102, 1860), evidently taking its name from the chief; not identified.
  • Hictoba. One of the 5 divisions of the Dakota recorded by Pachot (Margry, Dec., vi, 518, 1886) about 1722. Unidentified.
  • Ieskachincha. A modern Oglala Dakota band, composed of half-breeds.


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