Atfalati Tribe

Atfalati (Atfalati). A division of the Kalapooian family whose earliest seats, so far as can be ascertained, were the plains of the same name, the hills about Forest Grove, and the shores and vicinity of Wappato lake, Oregon; and they are said to have extended as far as the site of Portland.

They are now on Grande Ronde Reservation and number about 20. The Atfalati have long given up their native customs and little is known of their mode of life. Their language, however, has been studied by Gatschet, and our chief knowledge of the Kalapooian tongue is from this dialect. The following were the Atfalati bands as ascertained by Gatschet in 1877:

  • Chachanim
  • Chachemewa
  • Chachif
  • Chachimahiyuk
  • Chachimewa
  • Chachokwith
  • Chaehambitmanchal
  • Chagindueftei
  • Chahelim
  • Chakeipi
  • Chakutpaliu
  • Chalal
  • Chalawai
  • Chamampit
  • Chapanaghtin
  • Chapokele
  • Chapungathpi
  • Chatagshish
  • Chatakuin
  • Chatamnei
  • Chatilkuei
  • Chawayed
  • Cliatagithl
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