Apache Indian Bands, Gens and Clans

Many tribes have sub-tribes, bands, gens, clans and phratry.  Often very little information is known or they no longer exist.  We have included them here to provide more information about the tribes.

Akonye (people of the canyon). An Apache band at San Carlos agency and Ft Apache, Ariz., in 1881; probably coordinate with the Khonagani clan of the Navaho. Bourke in Journ. Am. Folk-Lore, III, 111, 1890.

Apaches del Perrillo (Span.: Apaches of the little dog ). A band of Apache occupying, in the 16th and 17th centuries, the region of the Jornada del Muerto, near the Rio Grande, in s. N. Mex., where a spring was found by a dog, thus saving the Spaniards much suffering from thirst. They were probably a part of the Mescaleros or of the Mimbreños of later date. (F. W. H. )

Apaches del Quartelejo. A band of Jicarillas which in the 17th and 18th centuries resided in the valley of Beaver cr., Scott co. , Kans. The district was called Quartelejo by Juan Uribarri, who on taking possession in 1706 named it the province of San Luis, giving the name Santo Domingo to the Indian rancheria. See Quartelejo. (F. W. H.)

Apaches Mansos ( Span.: tame Apaches ). An Apache band of Arizona consisting of 100 persons (Browne, Apache Country, 291, 1869. Apparently so called by the Mexicans in contradistinction to the more warlike Apache.

Apatsiltlizhihi (black [tlizhi] Apache). A division of the Jicarilla Apache who claim the district of Mora, N. Mex., as their former home. (J.M.)

Bissarhar ( Indians with many bridles) . A division of the Apache under chiefs Goodegoya and Santos in 1873-75. White, Apache Names of Indian Tribes, MS., B. A. E.


Hodge, Frederick Webb, Compiler. The Handbook of American Indians North of Mexico. Bureau of American Ethnology, Government Printing Office. 1906.

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