Biographical Sketch of John McDougall

Is a native of Scotland and was born in Isla, April 17, 1824. He was reared and educated in the land of his birth, and began farming for a livelihood after leaving school. In the summer of 1847 he gave up farming to take a position in the custom-house office under the United Kingdom. Mr. McDougall served in that capacity till 1853, when he resigned his position and decided ‘to better his fortunes in the land on the sunset side of the Atlantic. Accordingly, he sailed for America and landed in due time in the city of New York. From there he went to Albany and got a position with Tredwell & Perry, in their foundry. In this place he remained till March, 1851, -when he went to Long Island and engaged in farming. He next appeared in Connecticut, where he worked in a stone-quarry. Leaving there he went to Canada and worked as superintendent of a saw-mill. Daviess County gained him as a citizen in the fall of 1866, when he settled and began farming. He now owns, in Liberty Township, a good place of 120 acres.

Mr. McDougall was married, in Scotland, in September, 1853, to Miss -Janet Johnston. By this marriage they had five children: John J., Archibald C., Ronald G., Ann I. and Janet B. Mrs. McDougall died June 12, 1877. She was an estimable lady, and one honored and respected by her many friends who, with her husband and children, now mourn the loss of a loving wife and devoted mother.



The History of Daviess County, Missouri. Daviess County, Missouri: Birdsall & Dean. 1882.

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