Biographical Sketch of Gilley N. Trosper

Gilley N. Trosper. This subject is a native of Daviess county, and was born October 16, 1841, and was reared and educated in the same county. On beginning life for himself; he became a farmer, and still follows the same laudable vocation. He owns a good farm of eighty acres, which he has well improved, with a large two-story frame residence, with out-buildings to match; and his entire place is well fenced, and well supplied with water. Though not a large farmer in the sense of working more land than he can thoroughly cultivate, Mr. Trosper is of that thrifty class of energetic men that do more to develop a country than all the large farmers together.

He was married, in Daviess county, February 7, 1872, to Miss Tilda Maddux, by which union they have three children; named, respectively, Alice, Margaret and Elijah.



The History of Daviess County, Missouri. Daviess County, Missouri: Birdsall & Dean. 1882.

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