1912-1943 Mississippi Death Index Sample page

1912-1943 Mississippi Death Index

Christopher Smothers, a college student, and professional genealogist who specializes in Deep South research, always wondered to himself why the Mississippi Death index for 1912-1943 was hidden at the Mississippi Department of Archives and History in Jackson Mississippi. Why wasn’t this more widely available? Fast forward a few years, and multiple conversations, and the cog wheels at the archives have finally relented to allow these weathered and cracked microfilms to be digitally re-scanned and released to the public. Props to Christopher for making this happen!

With assistance from Reclaim the Records, who fronted the cost for the microfilm, and from FamilySearch who digitized the records, these microfilms have been placed online at the InternetArchive for free public perusal and download. So without further delay from misled bureaucrats who thought a death record shouldn’t be released because it violated the privacy rights… of dead people; I present to you, in a neat list, ordered by date, the 1912-1943 Mississippi Death Index!

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4 thoughts on “1912-1943 Mississippi Death Index”

  1. I was able to find my great great grandmother’s death in 1919. I had to enlarge the page and then somehow I was able to just get one page on the screen and enlarge and reduce it until I found Charity Richardson. I have the death certificate number and hope to be able to obtain a copy of the actual death certificate. I will also start a more tedious search looking for additional death certificates by going through each year since I am uncertain of what year my great great great grandmother died.

  2. Trying to find out about my great grandmother she was Ojibwa Souix I have her name Christian and then a last name that doesn’t seem to be. I know she moved back to reservation after the death of my great grandfather. Ancestry hasn’t done enough dna research in USA to know anything about my native American DNA or my children’s because thier paternal grandfather was also Ojibwa Souix. Her las t name was Swickerath. I HAVE HIT A DEAD END i need help and its easier to reach me by phone as I’m disabled and just typing this is causing me massive physical pain 920-207-5978 or 920-627-0935 I’m always usually available after 1 pm C.S.T
    Kelly Tenpas
    Madien name Kelly Bean

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