Hinds’ Battalion of Cavalry, Mississippi Militia

Hinds’ Battalion Of Cavalry, Mississippi Militia

Captain John Doherty’s Company
Captain Henry Dunn’s Company
Captain Samuel Gerald’s Company
Captain James Kempe’s Company
Captain John G. Richardson’s Company
Captain John J. W. Ross’ Company
Captain Jedediah Smith’s Company

Alexander, Robert, private
Alford, Robert, private
Alfred (nigger), servant
Allen, , servant
Allred, John, private
Anderson, Benjamin, corporal
Anderson, John, private
Anderson, William, private
Andrews, Henry, sergeant
Anthony, , servant
Austin, Ozias, sergeant
Bald, Sampson, private
Barnett, John, private
Baty, Thomas, private
Benjamin (nigger), servant
Benoist, Robert, sergeant
Berry, Thomas, private
Bettis, Richard, Jr., private
Bill, , servant
Bingaman, Ad, private
Binum, Francis A., sergeant
Bisland, James, dragoon
Bisland, Peter, first lieutenant
Bland, Isaac, private
Blanton, William, private
Boardman, Charles, cornet
Boardman, Francis, private
Boatner, William J., first sergeant
Bob (Captains Boy), private
Bolls, James, private
Boone, John, private
Boone, Joseph H., private
Booth, Joseph, private
Boston, , servant
Bowie, John F., sergeant major
Bowling, Arthur, private
Bowman, Ira, private
Braden, Joseph, private
Bradford, David, private
Bradford, James M., private
Bradford, Leonard, corporal
Brashears, Nathan, private
Brice, James, private
Bridges, William, private
Brooks, Edward, dragoon
Brophy, John, private
Brown, James, private
Bruin, Preston, private
Brunson, Daniel, private
Bryant, William, private
Buck, William, dragoon
Burch, Washington, private
Burnett, James, private
Burnett, John, private
Burrows, William, corporal
Butler, Aaron, private
Cain, Isaiah, private
Cain, James, private
Calaham, John, private
Caldwell, George, private
Calvett, Saul, private
Calvit, James, private
Calvit, Montfort, dragoon
Calvit, Samuel, first lieutenant and adjutant
Calvit, Tacitus, quartermaster service
Campbell, Allen, private
Campbell, John, private
Carney, Thomas, private
Carpenter, James, sergeant
Carson, William, private
Carter, Parsons, cornet
Cater, John, private
Cater, Josiah, corporal
Chancey, Lewis, private
Charles, , servant
Christopher, , servant
Cissna, James, private
Clay, Marston, sergeant-trumpeter
Coates, Austin, private
Coatney, Jonas, private
Cocks, Charles, private
Cocks, Seth, private
Coleman, Isaiah, private
Coleman, Nathaniel, private
Collier, Benjamin S., private
Collins, Parker S., private
Collins, William, corporal
Combs, John P., sergeant
Cook, Edward, private
Cooper, Hugh W., private
Corbell, James H., private
Corbell, Peter, private
Corley, Henry, private
Cotton, Haley, private
Cotton, John, private
Crawford, Alexander, private
Crawford, Henderson, private
Crookes, John, private
Culpepper, John, private
Cuming, David B., dragoon
Curry, Malcolm, private
Dangerfield, William, dragoon
Daniels, Shem, private
Daughtry, B’ryant, private
David, David, second lientenant
Davis, Gideon, private
Davis, Green B., corporal
Davis, Isaac W., private
Davis, Joseph E., private
Davis, Samuel, private
Debell, Benjamin H., sergeant
Decell, George J., private
Defrance, Abraham, musician
Derry (nigger), servant
Dick, , servant
Dickson, Michael, private
Dixon, John, sergeant
Dixon, John, private
Doherty, John, captain
Donahoe, Charles, private
Dortch, David, private
Downing, David, surgeon
Downs, George, private
Dreadin, Jonathin, private
Dromgoole, William A., private
Duck, Ephraim, dragoon
Dubar, Isaac, 2nd lieut.
D unbar, Roberts, cap.
Dunn, Henry, captain
Edwards, Thomas, private
Elmore, Daniel, private
Erwin, John, private
Erwin, William, corporal
Fair, James, private
Fairbanks, David, private
Fake, Henry, private
Fake, Thomas, private
Ferguson, Augustus, private
Ferguson, John, sergeant
Ferguson, Robert, private
Ferguson, Samuel, private
Findlay, Alexander, private
Finley, Joseph L., private
Fleming, Robert, private
Fletcher, James, private
Flinn, Samuel, private
Flower, James, second lientenant
Foreman, Abraham, private
Fort, John, private
Foster, Shadrach, private
Foster, Zadock S., private
Freeman, George, private
Fretwell, Richard, private
Fristoe, John, private
Fulks, William, private
Funk, John C., private
Fuqua, Drury, private
Gale, Joseph, private
Gardner, Bartholomew, private
Garredee, William, private
Gates, Elisha, private
Gaulden, Zachariah, first lientenant
Gayden, Cadesby, first lieutenant
Gayden, Griffin, musician
Gerald, George, corporal
Gerald, Jesse, cornet
Gerald, Samuel, captain
Gibson, Clausius, corporal
Gilbert, James, private
Gilbert, James W., sergeant
Gilbert, Philip A., private
Gilbert, Thomas, dragoon
Gillespie, John F., sergeant
Gilmore, George, private
Ginn, Edmund, private
Ginn, Edwin, private
Girault, John R., private
Given, George W., saddler
Glasscock, Peter R., dragoon
Gober, Cradic, private
Gower, Elisha, private
Grady, John G., sergeant
Grafton, Thomas, private
Graham, Zachariah G., private
Green (negro), servant
Green, Richard M., private
Green, Robert, dragoon
Green, Thomas M., private
Griffin, Mitchel, private
Griffin, Stephen, private
Guest, Samuel, private
Hadly, Joshua, private
Hamilton, John C., dragoon
Hampton, John P., private
Hancock, George, private
Hanson, William, private
Harper, Absolom, sergeant
Harper, Jesse, private
Harper, Samuel, private
Harris, Levi C., private
Harrison, Hay B., corporal-cornet
Harrison, Philip B., sergeant
Harrison, Richard, private
Harrison, Robert L., sergeant
Hatfield, William F., sergeant
Hawkins, Richard, private
Haynes, Charles, private
Haynes, George, private
Hays, Jacob, private
Head, Elbt. G., corporal
Henderson, Alexander, private
Henderson, William, private
Hester, Charles, private
Hewey, James, private
Hinds, Thomas, lieutenant-colonel
Hodge, William, corporal
Hogg, Holland, private
Holloman, Kinchen, private
Holloman, Michael, private
Holloway, Reuben, private
Horn, Moses, private
Howard, Thomas, private
Howell, James, private
Huey, Daniel, private
Humes, Robert, dragoon
Hunt, Henry, adjutant
Hunt, Henry, sergeant
Hunter, Pleasant H., first lieutenant
Hunter, William, private
Husbands, Thomas L., corporal
Huston, James, private
Hynum, James, private
Irvin, John L., second lieutenant
Irvin, Reason W., sergeant
Isaac, , servant
Ivey, Samuel, second lieutenant
Jackson, Willey, second lieutenant
Jeffry, , servant
Jerry, , servant
John, , servant
Johnson, Charles G., sergeant
Johnson, John, sergeant
Johnson, William A., private
Joice, Absalom, private
Jones, James, private
Jones, Sterling, private
Jones, Zachariah B., private
Joor, John, cornet
Jordan, Charles H., private
Keith, James, private
Keller, George, private
Keller, George, Jr., private
Keller, George, Sr., private
Keller, Jacob, private
Keller, John, private
Keller, Joseph, private
Keller, Thomas, private
Keller, Thomas, private
Kelsey, Thomas, private
Kempe, James, captain
Kemper, Reuben, private
Kemper, Samuel, private
Ker, David, sergeant
Kirkland, Isaac, dragoon
Kitchen, Benjamin F., sergeant
Lambert, Moses, private
Lanehart, Abraham, private
Lape, John, trumpeter
Levis, William P., surgeon
Lewis, Joseph D., dragoon
Linton, Thomas M., private
Lisenby, Henry, private
Love, Charles, private
Love, John J., private
Lowry, Robert, first lieutenant
Madray, William, private
Magruder, Leonard, private
March, , servant
Marley, Samuel, private
Martin, John, private
McAllister, Thomas, private
McAlpin, John, sergeant
McCay, Robert, private
McClellan, Walter, first lieutenant
McComas, I. H., Quartermaster
McDermott, Thomas, private
McDonald, Elam H., corporal
McDonald, Thomas O., sergeant
McGuhu, Nath, second lieutenant
McLaughlin, Patrick, trumpeter
McMahan, Jesse, private
McMicken, Chs., Jr., private
Miller, Benjamin, dragoon
Miller, John, private
Miller, Thomas M., private
Moncrief, Sampson, private
Montgomery, Davis, private
Montgomery, Hugh, private
Moor, Ezekiel, private
Moore, John K., corporal
Moore, Joseph, private
Moore, Joseph B., private
Morgan, William, private
Morris, John, dragoon
Mumford, James, private
Murray, Alexander, first lieutenant
Neel, John, private
Neiff, Charles, private
Nesmith, Robert, private
Nettles, Z. B., private
Nicholls, James, private
Noland, Jeremiah, private
Noland, William, private
Norman, Thomas, private
Norman, William, corporal
Norment, William, private
Norris, James L., private
Oats, John, private
Odam, John, private
Ogden, Isaac, private
Oliphant, James, private
Oneal, Edmund, private
Oneal, John, private
Owens, Alexander, private
Owens, Stephen, private
Pannill, A. W., private
Paul, , servant
Paxton, John, private
Peck, Patrick, private
Perkin, I. W., dragoon
Peter, , servant
Phelps, John, dragoon
Phelps, Samuel, dragoon
Philips, Baker, corporal
Picket, Thomas K., private
Pipes, David, private
Pitchford, Samuel, private
Platner, Henry, private
Pool, Robert, private
Presler, Peter, private
Prince, John, private
Prince, John G. T., dragoon
Prince, William B., private
Raburn, Burrel, private
Rawlings, Thomas, private
Reed, James, private
Reed, Stephen, private
Reed, William, corporal
Richardson, James B., private
Richardson, Jared N., corporal
Richardson, John G., captain
Richardson, Richard, private
Richardson, William A., private
Riley, Isaac, private
Roach, Benjamin, dragoon
Roach, William, dragoon
Roberts, Abner, dragoon
Roberts, William, sergeant
Robertson, Thomas, corporal
Robinson, James, private
Rose, Enoch M., private
Rose, Philip, private
Ross, John J. W., captain
Ruben, , sergeant
Ruth, James, private
Ruth, John, private
Samples, Moses, private
Sanders, James, private
Sanders, Joseph, sergeant
Scott, Cason, sergeant
Scott, John, private
Scott, Richard, private
Scott, Thomas, private
Scott, Thomas, private
Scurlock, Thomas M., sergeant
Scurry, Eli, private
Scales, Enoch, private
Scales, James, cornet
Sellers, Silas, private
Selman, Joel, private
Selman, William, dragoon
Semple, James, corporal
Shanks, John H., sergeant
Shaw, Jones, private
Shaw, Malcomb, private
Silcock, John, private
Simmons, John J., corporal
Simmons, Samuel B., private
Simon, , servant
Smith, Benjamin, sergeant
Smith, James, private
Smith, Jedediah, captain
Smith, John, private
Smith, Joseph A., private
Smith, Josephus, private
Smith, Reuben, sergeant
Smith, William, dragoon
Smylie, Matthew, private
Snodgrass, John, dragoon
Spain, James, cornet
Spain, Richard, private
Spain, Thomas, private
Steele, Robert, private
Stewart, David B., private
Stoker, Henry, private
Stoker, Matthew, private
Stout, James, sergeant
Straughan, James, private
Straughan, James F., private
Stroud, Dixon, private
Stubblefield, W., private
Sullavan, James, private
Talbert, Lewis, sergeant
Taylor, Robert, private
Terry, James, private
Terry, William, private
Terry, William, private
Thames, Timothy, sergeant
Thomas, William P., private
Thompson, Littleberry, private
Thompson, Roland, sergeant
Tiernan, Peter, first lieutenant and quartermaster
Tomlinson, John, private
Tomlinson, Thomas, private
Tredwell, William, private
Trimble, Michael W., corporal
Truly, James B., sergeant
Truly, John H., private
Tucker, William, private
Vaughan, Thomas C., private
Vaughn, David, private
Vining, Jeptha, private
Watkins, Samuel W., private
Watson, John, private
Watson, Malcom, private
Watt, , servant
Weatherby, G. W., saddler
Werden, Robert, sword master
West, Charles, dragoon
West, Thomas, dragoon
Westberry, William, private
Whetstone, Joseph, musician
Whetstone, Josiah, trumpeter
Whitaker, James, private
White, Jacob, private
AVhittington, Levi, private
Wilkinson, G. F., corporal
“Will, , servant
Williams, Andrew, private
Williams, James, private
Williams, William, private
Willis, Thomas, private
Wilson, James, private
Wilson, John, private
Wilson, Nathaniel, private
Winston, Samuel L., cornet
Woodruff, Clarke, corporal
Worthy, John, sergeant
Worthy, John, private
Young, Joseph, corporal

Rowland, Mrs. Dunbar. Mississippi Territory in the War of 1812. Publications of the Mississippi Historical Society, Centenery Series, vol. IV. 1921.

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