Company of Mounted Spies

Company Of Mounted Spies

Langham, James, private
Milton, Andrew, private
Mimbs, William, private
Moye, Jason, private
Stedham, Edward, private
Stiggins, George, sergeant
Williams, Thomas, private

Rowland, Mrs. Dunbar. Mississippi Territory in the War of 1812. Publications of the Mississippi Historical Society, Centenery Series, vol. IV. 1921.

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  1. Who led this group? Andrew Milton is noted as with Boyle in another source. Sergeant George Stiggins, private Edward Stedham and private Andrew Milton were all from Baldwin County (eventually part of Alabama). Is private William Mimbs really Mims? William Mims and George Stiggins were both one half Creek. George Stiggins father Joseph was Andrew Stiggins father’s executor. George Stiggins daughter Mary would eventually marry Red Eagle (William Weatherford) who had led the Creeks in the attack on Fort Mims. Thanks for this info., it was enlightening.

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