Stockbridge Massachusetts Births to 1850 – W Surnames

WALDO, Ann, d. Jos[e]ph and Ann, Dec. 10, 1791.

WARD, Mary, w. Chauncey Leete, — [1807]. G.R.3.

WARREN, Elisabeth Marther, d. Joseph and Elisabeth, Dec. 24, 1786.

WATERS, Jane, d. Rev. John and Wealthy, Nov. 20, 1815.

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WAY, John Azer [Ayer], negro, s. Ebenezer, laborer (b. Hatfield), and Mary (b. New Lebanon, N.Y.), Dec. 5, 1849.

WESTFALL, Alice, d. Albert, mason, and Malvina, Dec. 29, 1848.

WETHERELL (see Withrel).

WHEELER, Charles Lewis, s. Henry A., carpenter, and Sarah A., Sept. 10, 1848.
Ellen, d. Henry A., carpenter and joiner, and Sarah Ann, Aug. 15, 1843.
Jonathan, s. Henry A., joiner, and Sarah, Aug. 25, 1846.

WHELPLEY, Minor Cullen, s. Rev. Samuel and Nancy, Dec. 4, 1796.

WHIPPLE, Napoleon, s. Marcus G., stonecutter, and Cordelia, May 28, 1846.

WHITE, Geo[rge] Whitfield, inf. Curtis and Mary, bp. Jan. 26, 1840. C.R.I.
Marbert, d. Patrick, teamster, and Catharine, Dec. 29, 1844
Rachel, d. Elijah and Elizabeth, Jan. 1, 1775.
Theodore, s. Chancellor, laborer (b. Hillsdale, N.Y.), and Rachel (b. Clermont, N.Y.), Aug. 7, 1849.

WHITWOOD, Acsah, [twin] d. Deodatus C. and Acsah, July 17, 1813.
Delia Ann, d. Deodatus C. and Achsah, Feb. 2, 1805.
Deodatus C., [twin] s. Deodatus C. and Acsah, July 17, 1813.
Harriot, d. Deodatus C. and Achsah, May 1, 1810.
Horatio Boughton, s. Deodatus Curtis and Achsah, Oct. 27, 1800.
Minerva, d. Deodatus C. and Achsah, Nov. 19, 1802.
Pluma, d. Deodatus C. and Achsah, Nov. 10, 1807.

WICHIAM (see Wickham), , d. James, laborer, and Hannah, Mar. 21, 1844.

WICKHAM (see Wichiam), Herbert C., s. Hiram, blacksmith, and Betsey A., Jan. 29, 1848.

WILCOX (see Willcox), Emily Dow, ch. Mrs. Mary, bp. July 3, 1836. C.R.I.
J. Erwin, s. Almond, laborer, and Joanna, Oct. 20, 1847.
Theadore Sprague, inf. Mrs. Mary, bp. Aug. 20, 1837. C.R.I.

WILLCOX (see Wilcox), Elvira, d. Israel and Anna, Sept. 4, 1802.

WILLIAMS, Elizabeth, d. James, R. R. baggage master, and Hannah, Jan. 18, 1849
Ellen, d. James, baggage master on R. R., and Hannah, Apr. [dup. May] 21, 1846.
James E., s. John S., farmer, and Mary A., Nov. 10, 1843.
Mary, d. James, fireman R. R., and Hannah, Feb. 27, 1845.
William Henry, s. Elijah and Sophia, Sept. 21, 1781.
–, d. John S., laborer, and Mary Ann, Feb. 19, 1845

WILLSON (see Wilson), Allen, s. Fairring and Lydia, Apr. 30, 1790, in Stockbridge.
Alonzo, s. Fairring and Lydia, July 1, 1796.
Anna, d. Fairring and Lydia, Mar. 9, 1794
Eliza Ann, d. Gilbert and Electa, Feb. 7, 1812.
Fairring, s. Fairring and Lydia, Oct. 25, 1807.
George, s. Rufus and Eleanor, Dec. 17, 1815.
Harriot Jerusha, d. Fairring and Lydia, Aug. 31, 1798.
Harriot Leona, d. Gilbert and Electa, Nov. 16, 1810.
Henry, s. Shubal and Elizabeth, Jan. 30, 1789.
Jared, s. Rufus and Eleanor, Jan. 31, 1813.
Jered, s. Nathaniel and Mehitebel, May 24, 1789.
Laura Maria, d. Fairring and Lydia, Jan. 24, 1801.
Lydia Caroline, d. Fairring and Lydia, Jan. 27, 1803.
Marcius, s. Gilbert and Electa, Dec. 8, 1813.
Mary Emeline, d. Rufus and Eleanor, July 6, 1806.
Nathaniel Rufus, s. Rufus and Eleanor, July 17, 1810.
Sophronia Eleanor, d. Rufus and Eleanor, Dec. 12, 1803.

WILMARTH, Asenath, d. Benj[ami]n and Susanna, Aug. 21,
1 Foster, s. Benj[ami]n and Susanna, Sept. 4, 1794.Nancy, d. Benj[ami]n and Susanna, June 28, 1788.
Susanna Capron, d. Benj[ami]n and Susanna, May 17, 1796.
William, s. Benj[ami]n and Susanna, Apr. 3, 1790.

WILSON (see Willson), Francis [sic], d. John G., laborer, and Eliza A., Feb. 9, 1848.
–, s. John, laborer, and Drusilla, Sept. -, 1843.

WINCHEL, Sally, d. Leveret and Lydia, Oct. 19, 1818.
William A., s. Leveret and Lydia, Apr. 2, 1815.

WINN, Helen M., d. Isaac, wagon maker, and Mary A., Feb. 6, 1848.

WITHEROW, Johanna, d. Anthony, laborer (b. Ireland), and Honora (b. Ireland), Nov. 13, 1849.
William, s. Anthony, laborer, and Norra, Jan. 18, 1848.

WITHREL, Diantha, d. Seth and Sally, Apr. 4, 1801.
Philena, d. Seth and Sally, Nov. 1q, 1804.

WOOD, Abigail, d. Eben[eze]r and Abigail, Aug. 18, 1798.
Alva, s. Eb[e]n[eze]r and Abigail, June 29, 1785, in Lenox.
Azur, s. Abner and Thankful Aug. 22, 1802.
Eben[eze]r, s. Eben[eze]r and Abigail, Dec. 28, 1792.
Lovice, d. Eb[e]n[eze]r and Abigail, Feb. 13, 1789, in Lenox.
Rachel, d. Eben[eze]r and Abigail, June 1, 1791.
William, s. Eb[e]n[eze]r and Abigail, Apr. 29, 1787, in Lenox.
Zara, s. Eben[eze]r and Abigail, Jan. 3, 1795

WOODRUFF, Abigail, d. Josiah and Abigail, Mar. 20, 1773.
Anne, d. Josiah and Abigail, Aug. 21, 1783.
Anne, d. Amos and Hannah, Feb. 2, 1788.
Anthony Hart, [twin] s. Josiah and Abigail, Apr. 17, 1781.
Betsey Bulkley, d. Amos and Hannah, Apr. 6, 1807.
Edwin, , 1842. G.R.3.
Ellen M., –, 1847. G.R.3.
Ellen Maria, d. Samuel, miner, and Mary, Sept. 23, 1844.
Eunice, d. Amos and Hannah, Aug. 18, 1799.
Franklin Amos, s. Russell, farmer, and Maria, May 10, 1848.
George, s. Elisha and Huldah, Sept. 26, 1799
Harriet Belinda, d. Cyrus H., tinner, and Lovisa, Sept. 2, 1846.
Isaac, s. Amos and Hannah, Mar. 17, 1794
Isaac, s. Elisha and Huldah, Dec. 14, 1794.
James Henry, s. Samuel, Miner, and Mary Ann, Sept. 14, 1848.
Josiah, s. Josiah and Abigail, Oct. 5, 1775
Lemuel, s. Josiah and Abigail, July 30, 1768.
Mary, d. Amos and Hannah, Feb. 8, 1792.
Mary A. [–], w. Samuel, , 1818. G.R.3.
Mary J. [?m], –, 1838. G.R.3.
Nancy, d. Amos and Hannah, Mar. 18, 1796.
Noadiah, s. Josiah and Abigail, Sept. 9, 1770.
Rhoda, d. Amos and Hannah, Apr. 1, 1790.
Samuel [h. Mary A.], –, 1812. G.R.3.
Truman, [twin] s. Josiah and Abigail, Apr. 17, 1781.
William, s. Amos and Hannah, Dec. 9, 1800.

WORTHY, Mary T., d. Theodore G., tailor, and Julia A., May
29, 1846.
Theodore Dudley, s. Theodore G., tailor (b. Hillsdale, N.Y.), and Julia (b. Amenia, N.Y.), Aug. 22, 1849.

Birth Records,

Town of West Stockbridge, Mass. Vital records of West Stockbridge, Massachusetts, to the year 1850. Boston: New-England Historic Genealogical Society at the charge of the Eddy Town-Record Fund. 1907.

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