Stockbridge Massachusetts Births to 1850 – C Surnames

CAMPBELL, Isabella Rebecca, d. Daniel B., innholder, and Rebecca, May 1, 1844.
Rebecca Isabella, d. Daniel B., innkeeper, and Rebecca, Oct. 23, 1846.

CARLEY, James, s. Timothy, laborer, and Mary, Aug. 15, 1843.
John, s. John, miner, and Ann, Oct. -, 1848.
Mary, d. Timothy, miner, and Mary, Mar. 13, 1845

CARLILE, Jabez Huntley, s. Jonathan and Elizabeth, July 9, 1793

CARR, Idelia, d. Polly, Sept. 15, 1808.

CASWELL, George, s. William, wagon maker, and Charry Ann, Jan. 27, 1847.

CHAMBERLAIN (see Chamberlane, Chamberlin), Alice, d. John, shoemaker, and Huldah, Apr. 29, 1847.
Isadore, d. John and Huldah A., Sept. 15, 1841.
Lewis, s. John, shoemaker, and Huldah, July 17, 1849

CHAMBERLANE (see Chamberlain, Chamberlin), Jonathan Niles, ch. Jonathan and Emely, bp. Sept. 2, 1832. C.R.I.

CHAMBERLIN (see Chamberlain, Chamberlane), Alice Maria, inf. Jonathan and Emily C., bp. Nov. 6, 1842. C.R.I.
James Harvey Dudley, inf. Jonathan and Emily, bp. Aug. 14, 1836. C.R.I.
Ruth Vashti, d. John, shoemaker, and Huldah A., Dec. 22, 1843.

CHAPEL, George Spencer, s. Franklin, factory operative, and Sarah, Oct. 6, 1845.

CLARK, Caroline F., d. Horace F., machinist, and Sarah M., May 29, 1847.
David Bottom, s. Anson and Lydia, June 11, 1818.
Edwin Howard, s. Anson and Lydia, Apr. 20, 1812.
Emeline, d. Samuel and Louis, Aug. 28, 1810.
Henry, s. Samuel and Louisa, Feb. I, 1820.
Ira, s. Lemuel and Ruth, June 3, 1789.
John, s. Samuel and Louis, Nov. 28, 1817.
Lydia Sophia, d. Anson and Lydia, Apr. 10, 1814.
Mary Ann, d. Anson and Lydia, Mar. 27, 1816.
Milton, s. Daniel and Phebe, Feb. 28, 1849.
William, s. Samuel and Louis, Jan. 25, 1814.

COAN (see Cone, Coon), Cillina, d. Elisha and Phebe, Nov. 12,
Claudius Collens, s. Elisha and Phebe, Mar. 1, 1794.

COBB, Amanda, d. Hiram and Polly, Aug. 2, 1824.
George Hiram, s. Hiram and Emeline, June 26, 1828.
Harriet Metilda, d. Hiram and Polly, Nov. 27, 1822.
Luther Wesley, s. Seth, miner, and Achsah, July 8, 1846.
Sophrona Elenor, d. Hiram and Emmeline, Mar. 3, 1832.

COGSWELL, Lucretia, w. I. M. Rees, Mar. 13, 1801. G.R.3.
Mary Ann, d. James, factory operative, and Mary A., Dec. 20, 1845.

COLE, Catharine Ruth, d. Secswich S. and Laurinda, Apr. 21, 1836, in Austerlitz, N.Y.
Charles Sedgwick, s. Sedgwick S., grocer, and Laurinda, June 4, 1844
Eliada Rees, s. Secswich S. and Laurinda, Nov. 9, 1831, in Austerlitz, N.Y.
Lewis, s. Lewis, laborer, and Mary, May 18, 1849.
Mary Louisa, d. Secswich S. and Laurinda, Apr. 29, 1833.
Ulysses, s. Secswich S. and Laurinda, Apr. 5, 1841.

COMBS (see Coombs), Joseph [dup. Coombs], s. Solomon and Molly, Nov. 8 [dup. Nov. 9], 1803.
Matilda, d. Joseph, stove-dealer, and Mary, May 29, 1845.

COMSTOCK, Lucy, d. William P., blacksmith, and Merinda, Sept. 29, 1848.

CONE (see Coan, Coon), Ashbel [h. Polly], Jan. 8, 1780. P.R.4.
Benjamin [h. Charlotte], — [1797]. G.R.3.
Charles H., s. Melville, laborer, and Betsey, Mar. 2, 1848.
Charlotte [—], w. Benjamin, — [1793]. G.R.3.
Charlotte, d. Benjamin and Charlotte, Apr. 8, 1824.
Franklin, Sept. 21, 1824. P.R.4.
Henry P., Dec. 9, 1816. P.R.4. Mary, Mar. 22, 1814. P.R.4.
Mary Ann, d. Benjamin and Charlotte, Mar. 3, 1827.
Nathan S., Nov. 22, 1819. P.R.4.
Nathan S., — [1820]. G.R.3.
Polly, w. Ashbel Cone, Apr. 5, 1784. P.R.4.
William, Sept. 15, 1812. P.R.4.

CONEY (see Cooney), Patrick, s. Lawrence, miner, and Catharine, Dec. 20, 1845.

CONEY (see Connelly), Sophy S., d. James, laborer, and Susan, Oct. 8, 1848.
William, s. James, laborer, and Susan, Dec. 12, 1843.

CONNELLY (see Conly), Mary, d. James, laborer, and Susan, Mar. 8, 1847.

COOMBS (see Combs), Mary, d. Solomon and Molly, Nov. 3, 1798.
Wealthy, d. Solomon and Molly, Feb. ii, 1801.

COON (see Coan, Cone), Harriot, d. Elisha and Phebe, Dec. 5, 1789.

COONEY (see Coney), John, s. Lawrence, laborer, and Catharine, Dec. 18, 1843.

COSHTALAH (see Costello, Costelo), Joanna, d. James, laborer, and Mary, Feb. 10, 1844.

COSTELLO (see Coshtalah, Costelo), Eliza, d. James, laborer, and Mary, Dec. 5, 1846.

COSTELO (see Coshtalah, Costello), Daniel, s. Daniel, miner, and Ann, July 5, 1848.

CRAMPTON, Sanford, s. Horace, farmer, and Betsey, Oct. 4, 1844

CRANDALL, George William, s. Abel, laborer, and Ann M., June 1, 1848.

CRANE, Abraham, s. Silas and Clarissa, Mar. 22, 1801.
Albert Stevens, s. Horatio N. and Polly, Mar. 26, 1821.
Caroline, d. Silas and Clarissa, June 7, 1803.
George Hiram, s. Silas and Clarissa, Nov. 1, 1812.
George W., s. Silas and Clarissa, Nov. 1, 1813.
Horatio Admiral Nelson, s. Silas and Clarissa, Feb. 7, 1799.
John Rees, s. Silas and Clarissa, July 22, 1794.
Joshua Stevens, s. Silas and Clarissa, Nov. 8, 1796.
Lucinda C., d. Silas and Clarissa, Dec. 25, 1805.
Oliver E., s. Silas and Clarissa, Aug. 15, 1809.

CRAWFORD (see Crofut).

CROCKER, Charles, s. David and Betsey, Jan. 14, 1804.
Edwin S., s. Erastus and Belinda, July 15, 1810.
Elizabeth Sophia, d. Edwin S. and Catherine, Nov. 14, 1834
Monterief Levi, s. Erastus and Belinda, July 9, 1812.
Nathaniel, s. David and Betsey, Feb. 14, 1806.

CROFUT, George C., s. Comfort B., blacksmith (b. New Marlborough), and Laura (b. New Marlborough), May 27, 1849.

CROSSEN, Almira, d. Oliver and Polly, Aug. 23, 1804.
Edward, s. Oliver and Polly, Mar. 24, 1802, in N.Y.
Emily, d. Oliver and Polly, Jan. 22, 1807.
Hannah, d. Oliver and Polly, Apr. 1, 1815.
Lorinda, d. Oliver and Polly, Feb. 27, 1813.
Mary, d. Oliver and Polly, Oct. 8, 1799, in N.Y.
Rosanna, d. Oliver and Polly, Apr. 8, 1810.

CROWFOOT (see Crofut).

CURTIS, Gilbert, s. Elisha, laborer, and Lydia, Apr. 25, 1848.

Birth Records,

Town of West Stockbridge, Mass. Vital records of West Stockbridge, Massachusetts, to the year 1850. Boston: New-England Historic Genealogical Society at the charge of the Eddy Town-Record Fund. 1907.

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