Biography of Clifford Carroll Howes

CLIFFORD CARROLL HOWES – The Howes family of Massachusetts belong to the oldest families settled in New England, and. the last three generations as represented in some of its members are as follows:

(I) Francis Edwin Howes, grandfather of Clifford Carroll Howes, died in North Adams, Massachusetts, at the age of ninety-three years. He was a carpenter by trade. He married Julia A. Church. The children of the marriage were: 1. Julia, who married Martin Holbrook. 2. May, who married Fred Knapp. 3. Edwin P., of whom further. 4. Amelia, who died at the age of eleven years. 5. Hattie, who died at the age of two years. 6. Horace Howes.

(II) Edwin P. Howes, father of Clifford Carroll Howes, a native of Hancock, Massachusetts, where he was born October 12, 1850, died at Leyden, Massachusetts, in May, 1919. He was a farmer in early life, and went to Haydenville, Massachusetts, where for ten years he worked in a brass shop. He later lived in the town of Florida, Massachusetts, where he farmed. In 1894 he came to Leyden, Massachusetts, where he ran a general store up to the time of his death. He served on the Board of Assessors and Selectmen, but did not take a great interest in politics. In religion he was a member and attendant of the Methodist Church of which he was treasurer at the time of his death. He was also connected with the Grange. On September 24, 1874, he married Rispeh Minerva Brown, born July 18, 1855, in Florida, Massachusetts, a daughter of Sumner and Clarissa (Burnett) Brown. The children of the marriage are: 1. Ethel M., who married Algene Wheeler and their children are: John H., Candice M., Leslie L., Edwin F., Blanche L., Francis W. Of these John H. Wheeler married Helen Mullett and they have one child, William Algene. 2. Edwin P. Jr., a blacksmith in the village of Leyden; has also served the town as town clerk and treasurer for many years. 3. John Lorenzo Sumner. 4. Blanche E., died at the age of nineteen. She was married to Harlow Bliss and they had one child, Blanchard 0., who married Pauline Hough, and they have one child, Duane Blanchard Bliss. 5. Spencer C., who married Gwenlillian A. Tavender and they have two children: Gwladys Ethel and Jean Mary. 6. Clifford Carroll, of whom further. 7. Orrin, who died in infancy.

(III) Clifford Carroll Howes, a native of Florida, Massachusetts, born April 23, 1892, came to Leyden, Massachusetts, with his parents in his early boyhood. He received his education in the public schools of Leyden, Massachusetts, and after completing his studies worked in his father’s store in Leyden, Massachusetts, and since his father’s death had sole charge of the store at Leyden Center. He is also in the employ of the Government of the United States carrying mail and passengers between Leyden and Greenfield, Massachusetts. He is a member of the Methodist Church, and is connected with the Grange.

On April 7, 1919, he married Edith Mary Tavender, born at Aberdare, South Wales, a daughter of George Isaac and Harriet Elizabeth (Roberts) Tavender, who arrived in America in 1916, her father being a coal miner in Yorkshire, England. Mr. and Mrs. Howes are the parents of three children: 1. George Edwin, born March 31, 1921. 2. Harriet Minerva, born December 19, 1922. 3. Clifford Orrin, born August 24, 1924.



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