Biographical Sketch of James Hamlin

(I) James, son of Giles and (Ashley) Hamelin, lived until 1636 in the parish of St. Lawrence, Reading, Berkshire, England,* between 1630 and 1636. Children, baptized in the church of St. Lawrence: James, October 31, 1630, died before April, 1636; Sarah, September 6, 1632; Mary, July 27, 1634; James, April 10, 1636, mentioned elsewhere. The first record of his children born in America is Bartholomew, born in Barnstable, Plymouth colony, April i i, 1642; Hannah was probably born in England between 1636 and 1642 but no record of her birth appears either in England or New England.

Other children of James and Anna Hamlin were: John, born June 26, 1644; child, stillborn and buried December 2, 1646; Sarah, born November 7, 1647; Eleazer, March 17, 1649; Israel, June 25, 1652.

*James Hamlene appears among the list of freemen in Barnstable in 1643 and James Hamhlen Junior, and James Hamhlen Senior on a list of freemen, May 29, 1 James Sr. made his will January z3, 5683, Governor Hinckley and Jonathan Russell witnessing the signing and sealing of the will. In this will he names his wife as Anna, but no other record of her name has been found.



Milliken, Charles F. The History of Ontario County, New York, and Its People Lewis Historical Publishing Co., New York. 1911.

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