Location: York Township Ohio

York Township Town Officers 1840-1868

The first election for town officers was held April 27, 1839, when Charles Cable was elected mayor; A. J. Bond recorder; John Coe, S. M. Sheppard, John Hull, W. W. Poston, and James Rusk trustees. Luther Burt was appointed marshal of the village, and Robert Miller treasurer. James Rusk declining to serve as trustee, Thomas L. Mintun was appointed in his place. Since then the following persons have been elected mayor. Mayors 1840-1868. 1840-William Burlingame. 1841-Ebenezer Fenimore. 1842-Solomon Roberts. 1843-44-James Deaver. 1845-R. G. McLean. 1846-47-No record. 1848-49-Lewis Steenrod. [Mr. Steenrod having resigned, A. J. Guitteau was appointed for his unexpired