Location: Ute Reservation

Ute Indians

Ute Indians. In central and western Colorado and all of eastern Utah, including the eastern part of Salt Lake Valley and Utah Valley and extending into the upper drainage area of the San Juan River in New Mexico.

Condition of the Colorado Indians in 1890

The Southern Utes are the only Indians now residing in Colorado except 107 Indians off the reservation who are citizens and taxed. A treaty made in 1888 is now pending for ratification by Congress, whereby the Southern Utes are to be removed to a new reservation in southeastern Utah, just north of the Navajos. The Southern Utes are composed of 3 bands, the Capote, Moache, and Weeminuche, The Weeminuche Utes have always occupied the south half of the present state of Colorado; they were there 33 years ago. This was the wildest band of the Southern Utes, and it now