Location: St. Andrews Canada

Edwin B. Macy at his Blacksmith Shop

Ancestors of Frederick Macy of New Bedford Massachusetts

The Macy family of New Bedford is among the oldest and most prominent families of Nantucket, the name having been identified with the business interests of New Bedford for the past seventy years. The first American ancestor of the family was Thomas Macy, clothier merchant, who came, it is said, from the county of Wilts, England, and was in Newbury, Mass., a proprietor; he was a freeman of Sept. 6, 1639. He removed to Salisbury and was town officer and deputy. He removed about 1659 from there to Chilmark; his was the first family on Nantucket island. He was a

1851 St. Andrews Canada Directory

A Village situated on the North River, or Riviere du Nord; in the Seigniory of Argenteuil, within 3 miles of the River Ottawa distant from Montreal, 45 miles usual stage fare in winter, 10s. usual steamboat fare in summer to Presque Isle or Carillon, 3 miles distant, deck, 3s. 9d., cabin, 6s. 3d. Population, by the census of 1850, 1103. In the following Directory the names which appear in CAPITALS are those of subscribers to the work. Alphabetical List Of Professions, Trades, &E. BEATTIE, DAVID, innkeeper, Iivery stables and stage house. Horses and carriages for hire. DAVIS, NELSON, farmer and