Location: Red River County TX

Miller Cemetery, Red River County, Texas

Located about 4 miles southeast of Clarksville and was destroyed by vandals or cattle in 1957. MILLER Jackson, 1899 – 1903. Son of A. M. (N?) & M. J. Martha Jane, 1872 -1902. Infant girl, b. & d. 1902. WALKER John W., 1901 – 1905.

Slave Narrative of Francis Bridges

Person Interviewed: Francis Bridges Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Place of Birth: Red River County, Texas Date of Birth: 1864 Age: 73 Occupatio I was born in Red River County, Texas in 1864, and that makes me 73 years old. I had myself 75, and I went to my white folks and they counted it un and told me I was 73, but I always felt like I was older than that. My husband’s name is Henry Bridges. We was raised up children together and married. I had five sisters. My brother died here in Oklahoma about two years ago. He

Thompson Cemetery, Red River County, Texas

A cemetery transcription of the Thompson Cemetery in Red River County, Texas. This cemetery was located near the Red River south of the Bryarly community. It was abandoned and apparently destroyed or overgrown after it was copied about 1950. THOMPSON John W., 1856 – 1897. Louisa Goode, b. 1 J— 1875, d. 13 Aug. 1879. Three other graves marked only with stobs.

Malsberg Cemetery, Red River County, Texas

A cemetery transcription of the Malsberg Cemetery in Red River County, Texas. Once located on private property south of Clarksville, the cemetery was believed destroyed by cattle in the late 1950’s. MALSBERG Sabina, 1883 – 1921. Infant, b. & d. 2 Feb. 1921.

Howell Cemetery, Red River County, Texas

A cemetery transcription of Howell Cemetery in Red River County, Texas. This abandoned cemetery located south of Clarksville near Shawnee creek no longer has any markers and is overgrown. This was copied circa 1964. HOWELL Albert, b. 23 Jan. 1846, d. Feb. 1889. Infant, b. & d. 11 Nov. 1918. Son of J. J. & M. E.

Biography of Jones, Henry

Henry Jones, one of the “Old Three Hundred” of Austin’s colony was born in Madison County, Virginia, near the “Blue Ridge,” in 1798. In 1817, when but nineteen years of age, he left home in company with his brother, John, and went on a trip of adventure. They came down the Mississippi in a. flat boat to New Orleans, and there laid in supplies and ammunition and returned to the mouth of White River and was here joined by Martin Varner, Creason and two other young men of like temperament as themselves. They now laid their plans -to explore strange