Location: Nez Percé Reservation

Nez Perce' Agency

Biographical Sketch of Mark Arthur – Nez Percé

A full-blood Nez Percé, born in 1873. His mother being captured with Chief Joseph’s band in 1877, Mark became a wanderer among strange tribes until about 1880, when he found his way back to the Nez Percé Reservation, Idaho, where he entered the mission school of Miss McBeth and soon began to prepare for the ministry. When the Nez Percé captives sent to the Indian Territory were returned to their northern home, Mark found his mother among them and cared for her until her death. About 1900 he was ordained by the Walla Walla presbytery and became pastor, at Lapwai,

Nez Percé Indian War

Chief Joseph, took active measures of resistance of the treaty of 1855, and the Nez Percé war of 1877 resulted. This article is a brief history of that war.