Location: Manona County IA

Residence in Odebolt Iowa

History of Western Iowa

This collection consists of 412 brief biographical sketches and 3 short sketches of companies extracted from the History of Western Iowa. It contains sketches from Harrison, Ida, Manona, and Woodbury Counties in Iowa. The sketches are sorted alphabetically by first name.

Biographical Sketch of I. Cummings

I. Cummings, dealer in groceries and provisions, was born in N.Y., in 1844; removed to Fremont County, Ia., in 1855; thence to Chicago, Ill., in 1871, where he remained five years, and located in Onawa, Ia., in 1877. In 1881, engaged in the present business, by buying out J.R. Thruston.

Biographical Sketch of M. Morgan

M. Morgan, of the firm of Butler & Morgan, grocers, was born in Scott County, Ia., in 1846. He enlisted in May 1864, in the 44th Ia. regiment, and was discharged in the autumn of the same year. He re-enlisted in Jan., 1865, in the 20th, Ia., Co. G.; was transferred to the 29th Ia. regiment, and in Sept. 1865, returned to Iowa, and engaged in farming. He located at Mapleton in 1879, and entered his present business in Jan., 1881.

Biographical Sketch of James Butts, M.D.

James Butts, M.D., was born in Genesee county, N.Y., in 1822; remained at home until twenty-one years of age; then began the study of medicine. He moved to Wis. in 1856, and engaged in the practice of medicine; was also postmaster while in that State. He removed to Kans. in 1860, traveled extensively through the west, settled at Onawa in 1866, and has practiced medicine there ever since. He opened a drug store in 1873, and after four years, sold it. He has been twice married; the first time in 1844, and to Lucy L. Crawford, in 1880.

Biographical Sketch of Samuel Holliday

Samuel Holliday, proprietor of the City billiard hall, was born in Muscatine County, Ia., in 1842, and engaged in farming, until entering his present business in 1880.

Biographical Sketch of J.R. Thurston

J.R. Thurston, proprietor of the Onawa House, was born in Herkimer county, N.Y., in 1833; removed to Cass county, Ia., in 1856; thence to Onawa in 1860, and engaged in farming, until 1877, when he engaged in the mercantile business, which he sold in 1881, and engaged in his present business. He was married in 1855, and has five children.

Biographical Sketch of T.C. Walton

T.C. Walton, proprietor of the Walton House, was born in Somerset county, Me., in 1829; removed to Wis., in 1854, and remained two years and returned to Me. In 1864 he again removed to Wis., settling in St. Croix county, and engaged in the drug business. In 1869 he came to Onawa, Ia., and in 1871 built the hotel he now occupies. He has been twice married, and has four children-Lona, Ida, Geo. and William.

Biographical Sketch of Porter Hamilton

Porter Hamilton, of the firm of Hamilton Bros., dealers in farm machinery and lumber, was born in Ill.; moved to Cedar Rapids, Ia., in 1872; thence to Mapleton in the autumn of 1877, and engaged in his present business. During 1881, his sales of farm machinery amounted to $25,000.

Biographical Sketch of P. Sawyer

P. Sawyer, proprietor of city blacksmith shop, was born in Oxford County, Me., in 1846. He enlisted in 1862, in Co. D., 28th Me. Vol.; was discharged in 1863, and went to Concord, Mass.; thence to Onawa in 1865. He was married in 1867, to M.T. Cunningham. They have four children-Edwin E., Altha M., Earl, and Margie. John W. Somers, druggist, was born in N.C. in 1834; removed to Champaign county, Ill., in 1843 and was clerk of the courts for several years. He enlisted in 1862 in the 76th Ill. Vol. as a private; was promoted to commissary sergeant,