Manona County IA

Biographical Sketch of I. Cummings

I. Cummings, dealer in groceries and provisions, was born in N.Y., in 1844; removed to Fremont County, Ia., in 1855; thence to Chicago, Ill., in 1871, where he remained five years, and located in Onawa, Ia., in 1877. In 1881, engaged in the present business, by buying out J.R. Thruston.

History of Western Iowa

This collection consists of 412 brief biographical sketches and 3 short sketches of companies extracted from the History of Western Iowa. It contains sketches from Harrison, Ida, Manona, and Woodbury Counties in Iowa. The sketches are sorted alphabetically by first name.

Biographical Sketch of J.R. Chapman

J.R. Chapman, dealer in lumber, coal and builders’ supplies, is a native of N.Y.; moved to Ohio when young, and to Scott County, Ia., in 1860. He came to Mapleton, in 1877, and engaged in his present business. Garrison, J.

Biographical Sketch of G.H. Butler

G.H. Butler, of the firm of G.H. Butler & Co., furniture dealers, was born in Ind.; moved to Ia., in 1856, and engaged in milling. He moved to Monona county, Ia., in 1865, and engaged in farming, and in 1878, engaged in his present business.

Biographical Sketch of W. J. Eva

W. J. Eva, harness manufacturer, was born in Wis. in 1847; removed to Worthington, Nobles County, Minn., in 1872; thence to Onawa, Ia., in 1876, and engaged in his present business in 1878. He was married in 1875 to Lucy Manning, and has three children.

Biographical Sketch of D. Rust, M.D.

D. Rust, M.D., of the firm of Rust & Morley, druggists, was born in Ill.; moved to Fremont County, Ia., in 1876. He established his present business in Whiting in 1879, and in 1880 L.A. Morley became a partner. They do a general drug business, and deal in paints, oils, etc.

Biographical Sketch of J. Garrison

J. Garrison, hardware dealer, was born in Ill.; moved to Iowa in 1873, and located in Calhoun County, and engaged in farming. He moved to Dunlap, and engaged in the mercantile business; thence to Mapelton, in the autumn of 1877, and built the first store in the place, and entered the mercantile business.

Biographical Sketch of J.D. Rice

J.D. Rice, attorney at law; is a native of N.Y.; moved to Marshall, Ia., in 1874; thence to Mapleton in 1878, and engaged in the practice of the law. He is a member of the school board.

Biographical Sketch of D.B. Kenyon

D.B. Kenyon, miller and grain dealer, was born in N.Y. in 1845; removed to Wis. in 1856, and from there to Onawa in 1872, and engaged in his present business. He was married in 1869 to N.F. Freeland. They have one son and two daughters.

Biographical Sketch of A.G. Wright

A.G. Wright, dealer in general merchandise, was born in Ohio; moved to Ia. in 1865, and settled in Monona county in 1867. In 1875 he moved to Whiting and engaged in the hotel and livery business which he still continues, and in 1876 engaged in the mercantile business.

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