Location: Manchester Massachusetts

James Cushing Leach

Leach Genealogy of Bridgewater, Massachusetts

This page treats the Leach Genealogy of Bridgewater, Massachusetts, starting with Lawrence Leach, the immigrant ancestor, and descending to the James Cushing Leach family of Bridgewater, Mass.

Genealogy of William Allen Family of Manchester Massachsetts

G129 WILLIAM ALLEN: one of the first settlers of Manchester, Mass., was born in 1602. He came from Manchester, England, with the Merchants’ or Dorchester Co., in 1624. He m. Elizabeth Bradley in 1629 or ’30. She was b. 1603, d. 1632. His 1st wife d., and about 1633 he m. again, and had issue. (2) Samuel: b. Jan. 8, 1632. (3) Deborah: 1637. (4) Bethiah: 1639; d. Feb., 1640. (5) Onesiphorous: 1642. (6) William: 1646. (7) Jonathan: 1649. (2) Samuel: m. Sarah Tuck, of Beverly, ab. 1660. He d. in 1700. They had (A) Samuel: b. Aug. 4, 1663.