Location: Jefferson Missouri

Biography of Alfred F. Barnett

Alfred F. Barnett was born in Mercer County, Kentucky, November 23,1816, and lived there two years, when his parents, Zacharius and Nancy Burnett, migrated to Missouri and settled near Fayette, Howard County. There he was reared, and lived until 1847, when he removed to Daviess county and settled on a farm in Jefferson township, continuing in agricultural pursuits for two years. In 1849 he came to Gallatin and engaged in the mercantile business with R. S. Owings, under the firm name of Barnett & Owings, and continued in the business until the summer of 1851, when he retired from the

Biography of Rev. John W. Black

John W. Black was born in Boone county, Missouri, February 11, 1833, His father was a native of Virginia, and migrated to Boone county when a young man, and was there united in marriage to Miss Ann, daughter of Andrew Hannah, who was from Kentucky. In 1849, with his wife and family of six sons and three daughters, he removed to Daviess county, and settled in Jefferson -township, one and one-half miles south of Victoria. The good mother died November 29, 1S51, but the children all survive. The subject of this sketch having received all the advantages of a good

Biographical Sketch of John H. Searcy

John H. Searcy is a native of Illinois, and was born November 9, 1844. He was partly educated in his native State and completed his education in Daviess county, this State, to which his parents moved when he was about twelve years old. On arriving at an age to transact his own business, Mr. Searcy began farming and stock-raising, and is still so engaged at this writing. He owns a farm of 181 acres of land in Jefferson township, which he has well improved, having one of the finest residences in the township. He is a man of large experience

Biography of J. H. Alexander

J. H. Alexander was born in Kentucky, November 30, 1819, and was one of a family of nine, six boys and three girls. His father was a Virginian by birth, served. a soldier in the War of 1812, and died at the advanced age of seventy-two years; his grandfather was a soldier in the Revolutionary War and was wounded at the battle of Brandywine; his mother was a native of Kentucky and died at the age of forty-six. Mr. Alexander was united in the marriage bonds to Miss Mary V. Reid, on the 5th of June, 1845, and the same

Biography of Joseph H. Mallory

Joseph H. Mallory was born in Grayson county, Virginia, July 11, 1819. His parents were born, reared and died in the same State. Our subject came to Daviesso county, Missouri, in 1841, and settled upon the farm where he now resides. This farm covers 250 acres of good land, 170 of which are under cultivation, but thirty-one years ago when he first staked off his claim, the county was new and nature seemed clothed in robes of primitive beauty, while wild animals roamed the unbroken prairies and birds of many kinds flitted from branch to branch in the dusky shadows

Biography of J. T. Matchett

J. T. Matchett, the subject of this sketch was born in Halifax, Dauphin county, Pennsylvania, March 5, 1838. His father, George Matchett, was a native of Ireland, and his mother, Mary Matchett, was born in the Keystone State. At the age of twenty years our subject migrated to Ohio and settled in Muskingum county, where he lived until 1862. In September of that year he enlisted in Company A, Seventy-eighth Regiment of Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Capt. T. P. Wilson and Col. M. D. Leggett. After a three months’ stay in camp near Zanesville, the regiment reported ready for duty, and

Biographical Sketch of Robert S. Osborn

Robert S. Osborn is a native of Boone county, Missouri, and was born October 31, 1826. In April, 1841, he accompanied his parents in their removal to Daviess county, and has lived upon the farm upon which they settled in Jefferson township for forty years. He owns a very desirable tract of land containing 544 acres, upon which he lives and is engaged in farming and stock-raising. His parents, who were natives of Scott county, Kentucky, are both dead. Mr. Osborn was joined in marriage to Miss Maria Osborn, on the 14th of March, 1850. Their union was blessed with

Biography of Charles Harrison

Charles Harrison, the subject of this sketch was born in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania, February 29, 1841. His parents were natives of Germany; his father died in Pennsylvania and his mother in Kentucky. He came to Missouri in 1859, and when the dark cloud of Civil War began to cast its baleful rays over the country in 1861, though but eighteen years of age, he enlisted in the cause of the Union, joining Company C, First Regiment Nebraska Volunteer Infantry, under Captain Thomas C. Majors, July 8, 1861. The regiment was mustered into service on the 6th of the following August

Biographical Sketch of William T. Hughes

William T. Hughes. This gentleman was born in Franklin county, Kentucky, November 25, 1850, and six years later accompanied his parents in their removal to this County, where they settled upon a farm near the spot where the town of Winston is now located. His father was a native of Virginia, and died in this county, February 7, 1879; his mother was born in Kentucky; and is still living. When they came here in 1856, land was then subject to entry at from $1.25 to $1.50 per acre, wild game was plentiful, while wild-cats, wolves, bears, etc., roamed the woods

Biographical Sketch of John Kincaid

John Kincaid was born in Guernsey county, Ohio, April 25, 1848, and is a son of Jacob and Elizabeth Kincaid, both natives of Ohio; the father is now living in Grundy county, this State, but his mother died in Morgan county, Ohio. Our subject accompanied his father to Grundy county in 1865 and. lived upon the farm there until January 19, 1878, when he was united in marriage to Miss Maria Vandalson, of Mercer county, Illinois, the Rev. Charles Atherton, officiating. Shortly after his marriage he removed to this county .and rented a farm in Jefferson township, and one year