Location: Hidalgo County TX

Campacuas Memorial Cemetery, Hidalgo County, Texas

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Emmons, Charlie – Obituary

Charlie Emmons, 98, a former Baker City resident, died Aug. 25, 2005, at the McAllen Medical Center in McAllen, Texas. His family was planning a special memory 99th birthday party for Charlie on Sept. 9, and he was really looking forward to it. The family will play a video of his life at his memorial service and hope he will be pleased. Charlie was born on Sept. 9, 1906, at Greenville, Texas. He married Erma McCormick in 1926, and they were married for 70 years. When they married she was 16 and he was 19. Erma was the love of

Cotonam Tribe

Cotonam Indians. A tribe affiliated with the Carrizos of the Coahuiltecan family and living in their vicinity, though their dialect differs largely from the Comecrudo language. The last of this tribe were at La Noria rancheria, in south Hidalgo County, Texas, in 1886, and one man at Las Prietas was slightly acquainted with the native dialect. They call an Indian χaíma, and are the Xaimame or Haname of the Texan tribes farther north. The Tonkawa say that the Cotonam were not cannibals and that they wore sandals instead of moccasins.