Grant Township Iowa

1914 Plymouth County, Iowa, Atlas and farm directory

This 1914 Plymouth County, Iowa, atlas provides township maps for all townships and towns found within Plymouth County, Iowa, in 1914. The “farm directory” is found on each township map which appear as a land owner map for that township. The 4 towns found within the county, Akron, Kingsley, Le Mans, and Remsen have maps but they do not provide the property owners name in most instances. This atlas does not provide an index, and since the names of lot owners appear in multiple direction of the map, you will need to search each map by hand. That requires you to know the township.

1906 Grant Township – Iowa Farmers Directory

Abbe, August Abbe, Emiel Abbe, Gustav Abbe, Theo. Abbe, William Aiken, J. H. Allman, Jacob Amstein, R Anderson, Henry Andresen, E. Bailey, Edward Barthel, Carl Barthel, Henry Bradshaw, J. S. Bielenberg, Jacob Bumann, Julius Burk, Ernest Burk, Fred Carr, Enos Cassens, Frank W. Cassens, John H. Cole, J. A. Dutler, Samuel Ehler, Julius Ehler, Ludwig …

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