Location: Geneva New York

Biography of Charles C. Davison

Charles C. Davison. who has been prominently connected with the milling industry in the state of New York for many years, is a son of Ozmer L. Davison, who came to New York from New England and spent the greater part of his life engaged in agricultural pursuits. He died at Odessa, New York, in 1900, and his wife died in 1896. Charles C., son of Ozmer L. Davison, was born in Odessa, Schuyler county, New York, June 22, 1868. He was graduated from the Odessa high school, then studied and was prepared for college at Cook’s Academy, and matriculated

Biography of Dr. Jay Byington Covert

Dr. Jay Byington Covert, one of the leading physicians of Geneva, Ontario county, New York, while still young in years, has already attained a foremost rank in the medical profession. His quick perception, sound judgment and thorough training, command the respect and confidence of all who know (1910) him, and he is held in the highest estimation by his fellow citizens. The fact is amply evidenced in the record of his daily life. He has devoted his life to a noble profession, and in all professions, but more especially in the medical, there are exalted heights to which genius itself

Biographical Sketch of William Whitwell

Frederic D. Whitwell, an attorney and counselor at law of the younger generation in Geneva. Ontario county. New York, is a member of an old and well-known family. (I) John Whitwell, grandfather of Frederick D. Whitwell, was one of the early settlers in the state of New York, and was a man of importance in his day. For a number of years he filled very capably the office of justice of the peace. (II) William, son of John Whitwell, was born in Geneva, New York, April 14. 1836. He is president of the J. W. Smith Dry Goods Company, is

Biographical Sketch of Frederic D. Whitwell

(III) Frederic D., son of William and Caroline A. (Davenport) Whitwell, was born in Geneva, New York, September 2, 1876. He was a student at the Geneva high school, then at Hobart College and was graduated with honor from both institutions. Admitted to the bar, November 17, 1903, he immediately established himself in practice in Geneva, where he is rapidly acquiring a large clientele. Prior to commencing the study of law he was a tutor of Latin and Greek in the Geneva high school. He is an active worker in the interests of the Republican party, has served as a

Biography of George W. Hewson

George W. Hewson, owner of a fine farm in Hall, Ontario county, New York, a large portion of which is devoted to the growing of fruit, is a fine example of what may be accomplished by energy, perseverance and a fixed determination to reach the top of the ladder. He has inherited the traits of industry, thrift and faithfulness in the discharge of duties, so characteristic of the English nation, from which he is descended, and where his family was an old and honored one. George Hewson, father of George W. Hewson, was born in England in 1810, and died

Biography of George F. Licht

George F. Licht, ex-mayor of the town of Geneva, Ontario county, New York, at present superintendent and assistant treasurer of the Patent Cereals Company of Geneva, New York, is one of the most prominent men in that section of the country, and has served it in a number of public offices. George F. Licht was born on Long Island, New York, August 18, 1860. He was educated in the Brooklyn and other Long Island schools, and was graduated from the Brooklyn high school. At the age of sixteen years he entered the employ of Tiffany & Company, jewelers, of New

Biography of Louis J. Licht

Louis J. Licht, secretary and treasurer of a large stock company for the preparation of cereals, in Geneva, Ontario county, New York, is of German descent. His father Frederick Licht was born in Germany, 1825, and died in this country, 1905. He came to America in 1832, and was the inventor of the process which has since been improved upon by his sons and in which the family has been successful in accumulating a fortune. He married Elizabeth Klinck, born in this country, 1832, died, 1882. They had five children, three of whom are now (1910) living and engaged together

Biographical Sketch of Charles McKelvie

The McKelvies are descended from an ancient and formidable Scottish clan, noted in the middle ages for their prowess, and in modern times for their sturdy application to the peaceful pursuits of agriculture, commerce, etc. The Geneva, New York family of this name were pioneers in the fruit growing industry of that locality. Early in the last century Charles McKelvie, aged eight years, emigrated from Scotland with his parents, who settled in Geneva when that city was but a small hamlet. The McKelvies were industrious farming people who firmly adhered to the precepts of the established church of Scotland, and

Biographical Sketch of William Graham McKelvie

(II) William Graham, only child of Charles and Charlotte (Graham) McKelvie, was born in Geneva, January 27, 1831 ; died April 30, 1903. Reared to the occupation of a farmer and fruit-grower, he became an expert nurseryman and for twenty-five years devoted his attention almost exclusively to that business. He purchased several pieces of agricultural property located just south of what is known as Bellwood farm, and these farms are still owned by the family. He was a successful farmer and a prominent citizen, supporting all movements which have resulted in developing the growth and prosperity of Geneva, and for

Biography of Willard Graham McKelvie

(III) Willard Graham, son of William G. and Lydia (Jackson) McKelvie, was born in Geneva, April 8, 1869. After concluding his attendance at the Geneva high school he proceeded to familiarize himself with the various branches of agriculture, and the substantial success he has since attained in that useful calling is the result of his careful training and superior intelligence. He owns a desirably located farm containing one hundred and twenty-five acres of fertile land and for the past fifteen years he has given his principal attention to farming and the cultivation of fruit, having an orchard of twenty acres.