Forsyth County NC

Mathew J. Pappas

Cook, A. G. Dept. Lives in Forsyth County and son of Jeremiah and Alony Pappas. Entered the service at Winston-Salem, N.C., August 21, 1918, and sent to Camp Jackson, S. C. Transferred to Camp Mills and from there to Camp Merritt. Promoted cook January, 1919. Mustered out of the service at Camp Lee, Va., Aug. …

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Luster J. Knight

1st Class Private, Marine Corps, 67th Co., 2nd Regt.; of Forsyth County; son of Baxter and Mrs. Eoka Knight. Husband of Mrs. Verna Knight, Livingston, Montana. Entered service March 3, 1917, at Winston-Salem, N.C. Sent to Port Royal, S. C. Transferred to St. Michel, Haiti, then to Madame Jain Harb at Cape Haitien, Haiti, June …

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James Konatsotis

Corpl., M. P. Co., 11th Div. Born in Forsyth County; the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Konatsotis. Entered service at Albany, N. Y., July 22, 1918. Was promoted to 2nd Lt. in Greek Army. Fought at Pestor, Lahana, Cikis Pegana. Was wounded in left arm and right shoulder. Was awarded liberty medal and three …

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Robah G. Tally

Sergt. Exp. Mechanic, 1st Corps Atty. Park, Co. 3; of Forsyth County; son of R. A. and R. R. Tally. Husband of Lillie Tally. Entered service March 21, 1918, at Winston-Salem, N.C. Sent to Camp Jackson, S. C. Transferred to Camp Merritt, N. J. Sailed for France May 30, 1918. Promoted to Sergt. Aug. 8, …

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Simeon Lee Saylor

Cook, 308th Motor Supply Tr., Co. 7, 83rd.; of Forsyth County; son of Franklin Edward and Sarah Francis Saylor. Entered service Aug. 5, 1918, at Winston-Salem, N.C. Sent to Camp Wadsworth, S. C. Transferred to Camp Stuart, Va. Sailed for France Sept. 15, 1918. Sent to Le Mans Hospital April 18, 1919. Returned to USA …

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D. George Seampulos

Private 1st Class, 25th Co. Inf.; of Forsyth County; son of David and Mattie Seampulos. Husband of Ruth McClendon Seampulos. Entered service August 24, 1918, at Hampton, Va. Sent to Camp Lee, Va. Transferred to Camp Dix, N. J. Mustered out at Camp Greene, N.C., Jan. 7, 1919.

Thomas R. Grubbs

Pvt., Med. Corps, Am. 321, 81st Div.; of Forsyth County; son of J. W. and Ellen Grubbs. Entered service June 25, 1917, at Winston-Salem, N.C. Sent to Ft. Oglethorps. Transferred to Camp Jackson, then to Camp Sevier, to Camp Mills, to France Aug. 7, 1918. Fought at St. Die, Meuse-Argonne. Returned to USA June 16, …

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Biographical Sketch of Miss Mary K. Rogers

(See Cordery and Daniel) Henry Curtis Rogers, born in 1825. Married Louisa Jane Thompson nee Blackburn, born in 1823. She died November 30, 1883 and he died February 3, 1896. They were the parents of: Mary Kinney; Catherine who married Isaac Newton Strickland; Lucy P. who married William Ridge Rogers; Eugene Overby who married William …

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Bryan W. Woollen

Sergt., Co. F, 105th Engineers, 30th Div. Son of J. W. and Mrs. Emma Woollen, of Forsyth County, and husband of Myrtle Woollen. Entered service June 4, 1916, at Charlotte, N.C. Sent to Camp Greene, then to Camp Sevier, then Camp Mills, and sailed for France April, 1918. Fought in Belgium and France; wounded at …

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F. S. Orrell

Private, F. A., 22nd Batt., 8th Reg. Born in Forsyth County; son of Mr. G. W. and Mrs. Alice Orrell. Husband of Mrs. Elizabeth Rich Orrell. Entered service August 28, 1918, at Winston-Salem, N.C. Sent to Camp Jackson. Transferred to Camp Hill, Va. Mustered out at Camp Jackson, S. C., Dec. 9, 1918.

R. B. Alexander

1st Cl. Private, Coast Artty., Co. 2. Born in Forsyth County, May 21, 1897; son of E. L. and N. F. Alexander. Entered service June 1, 1918, at Winston-Salem, N.C. Sent to Ft. Thomas, Ky., June 1, 1918. Transferred to Ft. Adams, R. I., June 25, 1918. Promoted to rank of Corp., September, 1918. In …

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G. P. Meadows

Sergt., Med. Corps, Base Hospital No. 65; of Forsyth County; son of C. H. and Mrs. Hessie Meadows. Entered service April 1, 1918, at Winston-Salem, N.C. Sent to Ft. McPherson, Ga., April 1, 1918. Transferred to Camp Upton, N. Y., Aug. 10, 1918. Sailed for France. Landed in USA July 11, 1919, at Hoboken, N. …

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Slave Narrative of Wade Glenn

Interviewer: Miriam Logan Person Interviewed: Wade Glenn Location: Lebanon, Ohio Date of Birth: October 30th Miriam Logan, Reporter Lebanon, Ohio Warren County, District 21 Story of WADE GLENN from Winston-Salem North Carolina: (doesn’t know his age) “Yes Madam, I were a slave-I’m old enough to have been born into slavery, but I was only a …

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