Location: Floyd County GA

Myrtle Hill Cemetery, Floyd County, Georgia

Some of the burials in the cemetery. Lewis D Burwell b. No. Car D 1/19/1874 age 59 Caleb Bruce D, 2/11/1874 age 57 William Bailey Terhune Born New Jersey D 6/30/1874 age 53 Mrs. C T Landrum Born Alabama D 2/27/1874 age 28 Mrs. T J McGuire Born Georgia D 3/8/1874 age 34 J M B Landers Born Alabama d. 3/19/1874 age 61 A J Buchanon Born Georgia D 3/2/1874 age 57 Mrs. Elizabeth Shockley D 5/14/1874 age 86 Mrs. M. M. McAfee D 11/22/1874 age 64 Mrs. M. A. Marable D 12/22/1874 age 58 Eugene LeHardy Born Belguim D

Slave Narrative of George W. Arnold

Interviewer: Lauana Creel Person Interviewed: George W. Arnold Location: Evansville, Indiana Place of Birth: Bedford County, Tennessee Date of Birth: April 7, 1861 Occupation: porter in a wholesale feed store This is written from an interview with each of the following: George W. Arnold, Professor W.S. Best of the Lincoln High School and Samuel Bell, all of Evansville, Indiana. George W. Arnold was born April 7, 1861, in Bedford County, Tennessee. He was the property of Oliver P. Arnold, who owned a large farm or plantation in Bedford county. His mother was a native of Rome, Georgia, where she remained

Slave Narrative of Morris Hillyer

Person Interviewed: Morris Hillyer Location: Alderson, Oklahoma Age: 84 My father was Gabe Hillyer and my mother was Clarisay Hillyer, and our home was in Rose, Georgia. Our owner was Judge Hillyer. He was de last United States senator to Washington, D. C., before de war. My mother died when I was only a few days old and the only mother I ever knew was Judge Hillyer’s wife, Miss Jane. Her nine children were all older than I was and when mother died Miss Jane said mother had raised her children and she would raise here. So she took us

Native American History of Floyd County, Georgia

Floyd County located in northwest Georgia. It is part of the Rome, GA Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area (SMSA.) Its county seat is Rome. It is named after John Floyd, a member of the U. S. House of Representatives representing a district in Georgia. John Floyd was born in Beaufort, SC and was a carpenter when he moved to northeastern Georgia. Upon the outbreak of the CreekCivil War in 1813, Floyd was named a Brigadier General in command of the First Brigade of Georgia Militia, plus 400 Georgia Creeks. Floyd led his army to one victory at the Redstick village of

Slave Narrative of Callie Elder

Interviewer: Sadie B. Hornsby Person Interviewed: Callie Elder Location: Athens, Georgia Callie lives with her daughter, Cornelia, in a 6-room house near the crest of a hill. Their abode is a short distance from the street and is reached by steep stone steps. In response to the call for Callie, a tall mulatto woman appeared. Her crudely fashioned blue dress was of a coarse cotton fabric and her dingy head rag had long lost its original color. Straight black hair, streaked with gray, and high cheek bones gave the impression that in her ancestry of mixed races, Indian characteristics predominate.

Slave Narrative of Easter Brown

Interviewer: Mrs. Sadie B. Hornsby Person Interviewed: Easter Brown Location: Athens, Georgia Age: 78 “Aunt” Easter Brown, 78 years old, was sweeping chips into a basket out in front of her cabin. “Go right in honey, I’se comin’ soon as I git some chips for my fire. Does I lak to talk ’bout when I wuz a chile? I sho does. I warn’t but 4 years old when de war wuz over, but I knows all ’bout it.” “I wuz born in Floyd County sometime in October. My pa wuz Erwin and my ma wuz Liza Lorie. I don’t know