Location: Darke County OH

Brig. Gen. Anthony Wayne

Gen. Anthony Wayne’s Campaign

In April 1792, General Anthony Wayne was appointed by the general government to take command of the Northwestern Army. On the 5th of the following November a hundred men from Kentucky, under Adair as captain, made a raid across the Ohio River into the Indians country, but the indefatigable Little Turtle and his band of heroes met him and, in a severe fight: defeated him, with heavy loss, and drove him back to his own. In the spring of 1793, during the arrangements that were being made for Wayne’s campaign, Congress sent commissioners to the Northwest Indians to negotiate a

Biographical Sketch of William Neal

William Neal is a native of Darke County, Ohio, born December 5, 1817. He is the son of Caleb and Anna Miller Neal; his father being a native of Tennessee and his mother of Indiana. The early life of Mr. Neal was spent on the farm and in acquiring such education as was afforded in those times. He remained in his native town until he attained his twenty-first year when he commenced farming in Darke County, but after a few years labor removed to Adams County, Indiana, and engaged in stock-dealing and speculation for several years, when he returned to

Byrket and Weavers Station Roads Cemetery, Darke County, Ohio

BRUSH Francis P., b. 2 Sept. 1837, d. 10 Oct. 1857. Born in Washington Co., PA. Sarah, b. 29 June 1857, d. 26 Jan. 1861. Dau. of J. G. & M. A. LANDIS Jacob, d. 2 Aug. 1858, ae. 71 yrs. Husband of Elizabeth. Elizabeth, d. 3 Sept. 1875, ae. 85 yrs. Wife of Jacob Landis. NEVEL Malvinia, d. 8 Jan. 1875, ae. 32 yrs., 11 mos. Wife of Reuben Nevel. Wilson McCabe, d. 26 Jan. 1874, ae. 2 mos., 10 days. Son of R. & M. Nevel.

Oak Grove Cemetery, Fort Jefferson, Darke County, Ohio

(Loc. four miles south of Greenville on Route 121) BOWMAN Herschel V., 1861 – 1939 Cora Alice, 1865 – 1941 THORP Vida L., 1876 – 19__ Herbert L., 1872 – 1941 Judiah, b. 26 Feb. 1822, d. 16 Jan. 1882, ae. 59 yrs., 11 mos., 19 days. Helenor, b. 19 Feb. 1825, d. 18 Aug. 1897, ae. 72 yrs., 5 mo., 19 days.