Location: Cochecton New York

North Cochecton Cemetery, Cochecton, New York

A cemetery transcription of the North Cochecton Cemetery in Cochecton, Sullivan County, New York. North Cochecton Cemetery is located about two miles from Cochecton on the left hand side of the road going toward Fosterdale. In fairly good condition. Jung Theodore, d. Aug. 18, 1869 Roeh Maria, wife Hugo Roehm, d. Nov. 15, 1869 Everson Charles, 1886-1929 Heib Christopher, b. March 8, 1811, d. Sept. 12, 1891 Magdalena, wife b. Feb. 13, 1813, d. Feb. 7, 1886 Hipe Charles G., son Charles & Mary, b. March 8, 1880, d. Feb. 24, 1899 Heib Adam, b. Feb. 18, 1848, d. Dec.