Charlevoix County MI

1894 Michigan State Census – Charlevoix County

United States Soldiers of the Civil War Residing in Michigan, June 1, 1894 [ Names within brackets are reported in letters. ] Charlevoix County. Bay Township. – Jacob Kahler, Benjamin West, Henry U. Dyer, Warren Willis, Alonzo J. Stroud, Albert Olds, William Hervin, Thomas Stroud, Edward Starmer, William Weller, John B. Taylor, [Charles M. Smith, …

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Charlevoix High School Yearbooks, Charlevoix Michigan

These are Charlevoix high school yearbooks for Charlevoix, Charlevoix County, Michigan. If your ancestor attended high school during the years of 1924, 1945-2008 then the following yearbooks may have a photograph of them. This is part of a collection of free yearbooks being scanned and placed online by the cooperation between the Charlevoix Public Library, Friends of the Charlevoix Public Library, and a local company, Village Graphics, who performed the digitization.

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