Location: Cary North Carolina

Slave Narrative of John Beckwith

Interviewer: Mary A. Hicks Person Interviewed: John Beckwith Location: Cary, North Carolina Age: 83 When The Yankees Came An Interview with John Beckwith 83, of Cary. I reckon dat I wuz ’bout nine years old at de surrender, but we warn’t happy an’ we stayed on dar till my parents died. My pappy wuz named Green an’ my mammy wuz named Molly, an’ we belonged ter Mr. Joe Edwards, Mr. Marion Gully, an’ Mr. Hilliard Beckwith, as de missus married all of ’em. Dar wuz twenty-one other slaves, an’ we got beat ever’ onct in a while. When dey told

Slave Narrative of Charlie Crump

Interviewer: Mary A. Hicks Person Interviewed: Charlie Crump Location: Cary, North Carolina Place of Birth: Evan’s Ferry, Lee or Chatham County, North Carolina Age: 82 Occupation: Farmer An interview with Charlie Crump 82 of Cary (near) I wuz borned at Evan’s Ferry in Lee or Chatham County, an’ I belonged ter Mr. Davis Abernathy an’ his wife Mis’ Vick. My pappy wuz named Ridge, an’ my mammy wuz named Marthy. My brothers wuz Stokes an’ Tucker, an’ my sisters wuz Lula an’ Liddy Ann. Dar wuz nine o’ us in all, but some o’ dem wuz sold, an’ some o’

Slave Narrative of George Eatman

Interviewer: Mary A. Hicks Person Interviewed: George Eatman Date of Interview: May 18, 1937 Location: Cary, North Carolina, R. #1 Age: 93 I belonged ter Mr. Gus Eatman who lived at de ole Templeton place on de Durham highway back as fer as I can ‘member. I doan r’member my mammy an’ pappy case dey wuz sold ‘fore I knowed anything. I raised myself an’ I reckon dat I done a fair job uv it. De marster an’ missus wuz good to dere twenty-five slaves an’ we ain’t neber got no bad whuppin’s. I doan ‘member much playin’ an’ such