Abbeville South Carolina

Abbeville, South Carolina, is a historic city that serves as the seat of Abbeville County in the state’s upstate region. Established in 1785, the city’s origins are deeply intertwined with the broader formation of its namesake county, which was carved out from the expansive Ninety-Six District, a colonial division known for its pivotal role in early American history. The naming of Abbeville is a nod to the French town of Abbeville, a tribute to the French Huguenot influence in the area, as these settlers were among the early European inhabitants seeking refuge from religious persecution. Abbeville, SC, is renowned for its well-preserved architecture, historic downtown area, and as a key site in the prelude to the Civil War, encapsulating a blend of natural beauty, historical depth, and cultural richness within its geographical and historical landscape. In January and November of 1872, and again in January 1873, fires devastated the county courthouse, leaving behind only the records of the probate and equity courts intact.

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