Logan County, Kentucky Wills – Book B, with index

The wills in this book come from Book B of the Wills found at the Logan County Court house in Russellville, Kentucky. The information was extracted in 1957 by Mrs. Vick on behalf of the DAR located in Russellville. The text in this book was done with an old manual typewriter and has the usual faint and filled-in type often found with such papers. On top of the difficulty in interpreting the print from the typewriter, the scanning process was also deficient, and led to the creation of a faint digital copy exacerbating the difficult to read text.


Adams, Alcorn, Allen, Angel, Anthony, Arnold, Ashburn, Bagby, Bailey, Baker, Barber, Barham, Barnett, Barrow, Bayle, Baylor, Bernard, Bibb, Bigger, Bird, Blanchard, Blare, Bleanor, Boisseau, Boone, Boulton, Boyce, Boyle, Bradford, Brady, Breathitt, Brien, Britt, Brown, Browning, Bryant, Burk, Bush, Byant, Caldwell, Campbell, Car, Carlisle, Carthea, Chappel, Chastain, Chenoweth, Clanton, Clark, Cleavinger, Cocknell, Coffer, Coknill, Colbert, Cole, Collins, Cook, Copeland, Cornelius, Coulter, Creweson, Cromwell, Crouch, Cunningham, Curd, Currence, Dallam, Dallum, Daniel, Davis, Dawson, day, Degraffen, Dennington, Dillon, Dishman, Donaghe, Doyle, Drake, Drew, Duncan, Dunn, Edgar, Edmonson, Edwards, Ely, Ewing, Fall, Farmer, Faulks, Fauntleroy, Fields, First, Fithugh, Floyd, Foley, Forgy, Fortner, Foster, Frazer, Furbush, Gambrell, Garrod, Garvin, Gatewood, Gibbs, Gilbert, Goin, Gordon, Gorham, Gott, Grable, Graham, Gray, Greenup, Grubbs, Hadden, Haddox, Haden, Hail, Halkum, Hall, Halloway, Ham, Hamilton, Hannah, Hansbrough, Harding, Harmon, Harmond, Harmun, Harris, Harrison, Hatfield, Hawkins, Heckensmith, Henderson, Henley, Herndon, Hickman, Hill, Hines, Hise, Hockensmith, Hogan, Holloway, Hopkins, Hounsler, House, Howard, Huffly, Hughes, Hunter, Husband, Imes, Ingram, Inman, Irvin, Jackson, James, Jarred, Jepson, Jerry, Johnson, Jones, Jordon, Judkins, Karr, Kener, Kennedy, Kennerly, Kercheval, Kertly, Keys, King, Kinnard, Kirtland, Langston, Larmon, Lawrence, Lay, Leach, Lee, Lewis, Lockhart, Logan, Long, Loving, Lowry, Lyon, Mackall, Macky, Madole, Mangham, Mangrum, Mansfield, Marrs, Marshall, Martin, Masters, Maxey, Maxwell, McCalisater, McCarley, McCurdy, McCutcheon, McGoodwin, McKinney, McKoin, McPherson, Miller, Milliken, Mitchell, Montgomery, Moore, Morehead, Morgan, Morris, Morrow, Morton, Mums, Murden, Neal, Neely, Nesbitt, Nevens, Newman, Norton, Nourse, Nowlin, O’Neal, Offut, Ogman, Owens, Page, Parker, Payne, Penrod, Pense, Percy, Pettus, Poor, pope, porter, Powell, Price, Prince, Proctor, Quarles, Rager, Raphaeal, Raybirn, Reading, Redmam, Reed, Rice, Richardson, Rizer, Roberts, Robertson, Rogers, Ross, Rowland, Rust, Sanders, Shannon, Sharp, Simmons, Simpson, Simson, Slater, Slaughter, Sloss, Small, Smith, Smothers, Spiller, Sprout, Stanley, Stapleton, Steele, Stemmons, Stephens, Stephenson, Stevenson, Stewart, Stockdale, Stone, Stubblefield, Talkington, Tatum, Taylor, Temple, Tenison, Terry, Thompson, Thornsberry, Townsend, Trabue, Trabus, Traughber, Travis, Turner, Utley, Vencil, Viney, Walker, Wallace, Walsh, Ward, Wash, Washburn, Watkins, Watson, Webb, Weller, Westby, Wett, Whitaker, Whitsitt, Wilkins, Williams, Wills, Wilson, Winan, Womack, Wright, Yancy, Yost, and Young.


Vick, J. Wells, Mrs., Will book B, Logan County, Kentucky abstract with index, Russellville, Kentucky : Daughters of the American Revolution, 1957.


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