Brown/Wilson Cemetery, Clay County, Kentucky

The entrance to the cemetery is located one quarter to one half mile past Goose Creek on Fork Field Road. There is a cattle gate where the cemetery road goes to the right up the hill. Make a right turn at the cattle gate and proceed up the hill. Where the road forks, keep to the left and continue up the hill to another cattle gate. This will bring you out on a plateau with the cemetery slightly to your left in the open field overlooking Red Bird River.

To date there are thirty two graves. The oldest birth date is W. H. Brown – 10-21-1819. The oldest burial date is W. H. Brown – January 20,1897.


h/o – husband of
w/o – wife of
m/o – mother of
d – died
s/o – son of
d/o – daughter of
b – born

Brown, William H.
b. 11-12-1897
d. 12-3-1961
h/o Nina
s/o Lee & Margaret Wilson Brown

Brown, Nina Gibson
b. 9-8-1902
d. 12-15-1962
w/o Wm. H. Brown

Spurlock, T. H.(baby)
b. 4-16-1923
d. 8-19-1923
s/o Theo & Mary Kate Brown Spurlock

Brown, William H.
b. 10-21-1819
d. 1-20-1897
77 yrs, 3 mos, 29 days
h/o Nancy Rains Brown
(W. H. Brown’s first wife, Mary Elizabeth Mahan, is buried in the City Cemetery, Bellview, Danville, KY.)Mary Elizabeth Mahan & Nancy Rains were cousins.

Brown, Nancy Rains
b. 4-22-1834
w/o W.H. Brown

Brown, Lee
b. 2-12-1866
d. 1-1-1933
h/o Margaret Wilson Brown
s/o W. H. & Nancy Rains Brown
half brother to Lou Brown Wilson

Brown, Nancy Margaret Wilson
b. 12-16-1863
d. 7-31-1938
w/o Lee Brown
d/o Pleasant & Sylvania Gilbert Wilson
s/o Philip Wilson

Spurlock, Mary K. Brown
b. 5-31-1892
d. 1-31-1977
w/o Theo Spurlock
d/o Lee & Margaret Wilson Brown

Spurlock, Beechman
b. 3-24-1928
d. 2-16-1977
s/o Theo & Mary K. Brown Spurlock

Spurlock, Theo
b. 4-15-1901
d. 6-13-1987
h/o Mary K. Brown Spurlock

Second Row

Wilson, Robert
b. 6-1-1859
d. 1-17-1917
s/o Pleasant & Sylvania Gilbert Wilson
b/o Philip Wilson

Wilson, Philip
h/o Lou Brown Wilson
s/o Pleasant & Sylvania GilbertWilson
b/o Margaret Wilson Brown & Robert Wilson

Wilson, Lou (Luretta) Brown
b. 8-16-1858
d. 9-29-1937
w/o Philip Wilson
half-sister of Lee Brown
d/o W.H. & M. Elizabeth Mahan Brown

Wilson, Mary (Baby)
b. 7-13-1902
d. 8-13-1902
Daughter of Philip & Lou Brown Wilson

Wilson, Dellia(Baby)
b. — (can’t read)
d. –? 1900
Daughter of Philip & Lou Brown Wilson

Third Row

Brown, Earl(Baby)
b. 4-9-1917
d. 8-31-1918
s/o John & Addie Hacker Brown

Brown, Seldon
b. 6-14-1928
d. 10-18-1960
s/o John & Addie Hacker Brown

Brown, James Everet
b. 8-27-1926
d. 10-18-1960
s/o John & Addie Hacker Brown

Brown, John
b. 12-16-1894
d. 8-4-1961
h/o Addie Hacker Brown
s/o Lee & Margaret Wilson Brown

Brown, Addie H.
b. 2-25-1885
d. 1-8-1969
w/o John Brown

Brown, John Jr.
b. 4-29-1919
d. 12-1-1991
h/o Anna Laura

Brown, Anna Laura
b. 8-10-1920


Fourth Row

Brown, Dora
b. 5-6-1936
d. 1-18-1941
d/o Tom Brown

Brown, T. H.(Baby)
b. 6-1-1920
d. 7-18-1920
s/o Tom Brown


Fifth Row

b. 10-15-1880
d. 11-13-1918
h/o Sylvania Davidson Wilson
s/o Philip & Lou Brown Wilson

WILSON, Sylvania Davidson
b. 12-12-1878
d. 2-25-1957
w/o Elzy Wilson
d/o Robert & Hannah Gay Davidson


Sixth Row

b. 9-10-1885
d. 3-30-1967
h/o Leah Burns Wilson
b/o Elzy Wilson
s/o Phillip & Lou Brown Wilson

WILSON, Leah Burns
b. 3-4-1886
d. 12-4-1925
w/o Lee Wilson
m/o Saul Wilson

WILSON, Saul(Baby)
b. 1-13-1925
d. 10-4-1925
s/o Lee & Leah Burns Wilson

b. 3-17-1908
d. 8-24-1991
h/o Frank Wilson
s/o Elzy & Sylvania Davidson Wilson

WILSON, Manda Burns
b. 1-10-1906
d. 8-24-1987
w/o Frank Wilson
d/o Andrew & Dianah Gilbert Burns

WILSON, Louisa
b. 4-11-1905
d. 2-4-1957
d/o Elzy & Sylvania Davidson Wilson

Clay County KY,

Collection: Cemetery Collection.

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