Biographical Sketch of Katherine E. Wrong

Katherine E. Wrong. It is a fact established by experience and observation that in many positions to which women have in recent years become qualifled by a changing view of their social rights and abilities, sconomy and efficiency have been the gratifying results of their administration. Many instances of this could be found in the great State of Kansas, which takes first rank among states that have granted women equal rights in politics and in economie affairs. Particularly does woman’s efficiency display itself in those offices where talent and tact are necessary to success.

Cloud County had had good reason to congratulate itself on the presence of at least one woman in the management of its public affairs. This is Miss Katherine E. Wrong, who is now finishing her first term as register of deeds. Miss Wrong had won the favor and confidence of all citizens of Cloud County irrespective of party affiliations, and by her courtesy, quick and able discharge of duty, had thoroughly ingratiated herself among the people of the county and there is little doubt that she will be her own successor in the office as long as her ambition inclines that way.

She had a wide experience in business affairs before entering the office and had applied that experlence to the accurate and systematic transaction of all responsibilities that go with the position of register of deeds. She is a republican in political faith, but had a host of friends and supports in both parties. Miss Wrong was born at Concordia, Cloud County, Kansas, February 27, 1886, a danghter of Thomas and Alice E. Wrong. Her father was a native of Buffalo, New York, and ber mother of Illinois. Thomas Wrong came to Kansas in 1871 and the mother in 1882. Thomas Wrong was an actlve member of the Kansas bar, and a man of great influence and ability. He was one of the early mayors of Concordia. Thomas and Alice Wrong had two daughters, Josephine and Katherine E.

Miss Katherine Wrong received her education in the common and high schools of Cloud County, and attended the Atchison County High School. Prior to entering her present office she spent ten years as reporter and society editor of the Concordia Daily Blade. That was a position that brought out her unusual qualifications as a business woman, and she came into close and intimate eontact with people and affairs in Cloud County, and in her present office had more than justified the confidence of those who supported her in her first election.



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