Iowa 1870 – 1930 Census Records

Iowa Census online research should begin with what is available online for free. If this proves fruitful then congratulations! If not, then I would suggest signing up for the online census images (links to the right) where you can access all the available online Iowa census information directly from your computer at home.

1870 Iowa Census Records


1880 Iowa Census Records


1885 Iowa State Census Records

1890 Iowa Census Records

1900 Iowa Census Records


1910 Iowa Census Records


1920 Iowa Census Records


1925 Iowa State Census Records

  • 1925 Iowa State Census: Scott County
    This Census provide the names of the individual’s parents and their place of birth. The index provides book and page numbers for residents of Scott County with the exception of the city of Davenport.

1930 Iowa Census Records

1940 Iowa Census Records

Iowa Census Records: A directory of resources providing online access to Iowa Census records.

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