1906 Corwin Township – Iowa Farmers Directory

Abell, W. R.
Abney, Alfred
Abney, J. N.

Barnhart, Cyrus
Barnhart, Guy
Bartley, Reuben
Blackhall, William
Brown, J. S.
Brown, Cyrus
Buck, Wilber

Charles, George
Christy, A. M.
Cope, Albert
Cram, W. E.
Crane, Elijah
Crane, J. H.
Crane, Margaret
Crane, Thomas
Crawford, A. M.
Crawford, James Y.
Crawford, W. P.
Cronstedt, Peter
Crosbie, G.

Darnell, C. H.
Davis, I. W.
Dalgetty, Alex
Drake, Wilber
Drake, Mrs. Hannah
Drews, Henry

Edmundson, Ed
Edmundson, Sophia
Edson, S. A.

Ferguson, G. W.
Finch, Geo. B.
Finch, W. S.
Fineran, James
Finley, Fred
Forney, M. J.
Forney, W. C.
Forney, W. C., Jr.
Frank, Peter
Freidline, C. W.

Guess, E. G.

Haun, Dan
Harrington, Charles
Hilker, William
Hickman, J. T.
Hickman, D. L.
Huston, James A.

Jacob, Andrew P.
Jacob, Mary J.
Jensen, Anton
Jensen, George
Jensen, Herman
Jensen, John
Johnson Dell
Jones, W. F.

Kelly, S. W.
Kimball, O. N.
King, Rosa A.
Kinzer, Angie
Kinzer, John
Krick, Ward
Krick, J. P.

Luscombe, Fred
Lynn, John

Macklem, C. C.
Macklem, Walter
Menter, Geo.
Mill, G. A.
Millard, James
Moorehead, F. F.
Moorehead, F. R.
Moorehead, G. C.
Moorehead, J. A.
Moorehead, W. C.
Muller, D. T.
Muller, H. John
Muller, W. K.
Myers, C. P.
Myers, E. C.
McGee, Cinderella
McGee, Nancy
McGee, James
McKay, W. W.
McShane, L.

Nicholl, R. J.
Nicholl, S. C.

Ostermeyer, Frank

Pearson, Olof
Peters, D. K.
Peterson, Emily
Peterson, Jacob
Peterson, Frank S.
Peterson, Anna
Ploutz, Otto
Price, J. J.
Pritchard, W. C.

Raabe, Carl H.
Rathburn, W. C.
Reiff, Henry
Reiff, W. H.
Rice, Joseph
Ross, Frank S.
Ross, Mary
Russell, A. G.
Russell, E.

Seidler, Walter
Shade, George
Shirk, W. H.
Shirrell, William
Simons, A. C.
Spalding, Homer
Stephan, Frank
Stephan, Henry
Stone, Elmer C.
Sykes, A.

Taylor, P. K.
Taylor, L. E.
Taylor, James
Techmeyer, Roy
Techmeyer, P. W.

Venard, Cornelius

Welding, Elmer
White, W. W.
Wilcutt, John H.
Wilkinson, George
Wilkinson, James T.
Wilkinson, Noah
Williams, Issa M.
Williams, Noah
Winslow, C. J.
Winslow, H. B.
Wissink, George
Wissink, Richard
Wissink, John
Wissink, Henry

Yousling, G. H.
Yousling, C. E.
Yousling, William

Directory, Land,

White, Judy. Ida County Iowa Genealogy. Web. © 2012.

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