1906 Battle Township – Iowa Farmers Directory

Albers, Christ
Alexander, Thomas
Albright, James
Anderson, Edward C.
Anderson, H.
Avis, Charles

Badenhop, Herman
Baumann, Chas. A.
Baumann, William
Bell, J. W.
Benson, Albin
Berndt, J. C.
Blank, Fred
Bochman, George
Bochmann, Theo.
Bottger, F. C.
Britch, C. A.
Broderson, Fred
Brown, James
Brown, Roy B.
Brownlee, George A.
Bruene, William
Burnquist, C. A.
Butcher, Chas. B.
Butcher, R. L.

Carmer, Clarence R.
Caskey, F. L.
Chattick, James
Clausen, Carsten
Conover, C. B.
Conover, Cornelius B.
Craig, M. E.
Crawford, Alexander
Crawford, Frank
Crawford, Hudson
Crawford, John
Crawford, William

Daniel Ed. S.
Davis, Frank
Deed, G. E.
Dewell, M. F.

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Endrulat, Simon

Fiedler, John H.
Fischer, Karl H.
Fitch, Frank N.
Foley, Thomas
Fritz, Herman
Froelich, Otto
Fuglsang, Neils

Gallion, Henry F.
Galvin, John
Gebers, Wm. H.
Goehring, S. P.
Green, Maggie S.

Hansen, Chris
Hansen, Hans J.
Hansen, Neils
Harrington, J. Frank
Hass, Louisa
Hass, Louie
Hass, Arthur
Hass, Alfred
Hauschildt, John H. T.
Heilman, John H.
Henderson, Andrew
Henderson, Henry
Henderson, Robert
Henrichsen, John
Hogrefe, Sophia
Heyer, Mrs. August
Heyer, A. L.
Heyer, A. E.
Hinz, Peter
Holcomb, James
Horne, Mrs. M. E.
Hunter, Albert G.
Hunter, R. H.

Joens, Anne S.
Johnson, John
Johnson, John B.
Johnston, A. A.
Jordan, R. G.

Kehoe, Chas.
Kindig, J. D.
Knox, Mrs. Annie
Kopplin, Herman
Kopplin, Theodore
Krager, John
Krager, Theo., Jr.
Krager, William
Kuchel, Henry H.
Kuehl, Chris
Kuhlken, Henry

LeBarron, H. R.
Lake, G. R.
Landeck, William
Lang, William, Jr.
Lewis, Chas.
Lorenzen, Mathias
Lund, H. H.

Madison, James H.
Mann, William
Meyer, Henry
Michaelsen, Fred
Miller, Frederick E.
Morand, J. H.
McArthur, C. L.

Nicholson, Alex
Nielson, Henry C.
Norton, Elverton E.
Norton, Jesse M.
Norton, O.

Olsen, Solomon

Pattison, A. R.
Pattison, Frank H.
Pattison, J. E.
Pattison, Mary J.
Pattison, W. F.
Paulson, Gus
Paulson, Peter
Pelow, William
Peters, John
Petersen, John J.
Petersen, Nels H.

Rathja, William
Rekenthaler, A. E.
Reppert, Elmer L.
Reppert, Harry S.
Rickelton, Anderson
Reineke, John
Rupp, Danile L.

Safley, John
Safley, William
Schacht, H. E.
Schacht, John E.
Schmidt, Henry
Schumann, Otto
Senter, A. S.
Senter, A. S., Jr.
Shaar, Maggie
Schulka, Gus
Sietz, J. E.
Spaulding, James H.
Spaulding, George F.
Stahl, Chas.
Stewart, William
Stoneking, Geo. D.
Stoneking, P. B.
Strohm, B. L.
Strohm, George
Susie, John

Thomsen, Claus
Tolzin, Peter

Vickery, William
Volkert, Karl
Volkert, Edmund

Wenzel, John
Will, John
Williamson, George

Directory, Land,

White, Judy. Ida County Iowa Genealogy. Web. © 2012.

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