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The Republican, January 15, 1874: On Friday, the 9th of January at 10 o’clock a.m., Colonel T. G. Lee died at his residence [January 9, 1874] in Flatrock Township, aged 74 years. His funeral was preached at the church in Clifford, Ind., by the Rev. Jacob M. Norton. The funeral was largely attended. The Colonel was among the first settlers of Bartholomew County, and helped, to a great extent, to develop the agricultural resources of the same. He figured conspicuously in the Democratic Party, having been at one time a member of the State Senate. Whatever may be said of him, he always dealt fairly with his neighbors.


Bartholomew Democrat, January 24, 1874. Col. Thomas G. Lee, was born Dec. 22d, 1799, in Tennessee. Soon after his birth his parents removed to Georgia, in which state they resided until young Lee was seventeen years of age. From here they emigrated to Kentucky, thence, in 1820 to Missouri, when on the 11th day of January of 1821, Mr. Lee was untitled in wedlock to Miss Jennie McQueen. Two years after, in the 1823, with his young wife, he came to Indiana, and settled in the Hawpatch, near Clifford, removing but once afterwards, to a point about one mile east of Clifford. Twelve children blessed the union of himself and Miss McQueen—eight girls and four boys. Seven of these have died, leaving but three girls and two boys, with their mother to mourn the loss of the father and husband.

Col. Lee early took an interest in the county and state of his adoption, and having in his youth identified himself with the Democracy, and being a man of sturdy common sense and great force of character, his influence in public matters was felt, and a leadership accorded him. He was elected for four consecutive terms as a representative in the State Legislature, in 1835-36-37-38, which position he filled with credit to himself and satisfaction to his constituents. After this he held no public station, until in 1866, when he was elected State Senator, in which capacity he served but a single term.

Col. Lee amassed considerable wealth, in his profession of farmer and trader, and by the natural advance of values. Having resided in the county for a half century, and at all times identifying himself with its welfare and its history, he was as a consequence, widely and favorably known. By his death, a link that bound the people of this county of the present day to the past has been broken. His portly form and kindly, honest face will be seen no more. Full of years, after a life of usefulness to himself and his fellow man., it was not unmeet that he should be called to his reward.

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