Indiana Cemetery Transcriptions, Clark to Daviess

Indiana Cemetery records are listed by county then name of cemetery within the Indiana county. Most of these are complete indices at the time of transcription, however, in some cases we list the listing when it is only a partial listing.

Clark County

Following Cemeteries (hosted at Clark County USGenWeb)

  • Cemetery Index lists the following cemeteries
  • Adams Family Cemetery
  • Adams Cemetery, aka Fifer Cemetery
  • African-American Cemetery, near Daisy Hill Cemetery
  • Antioch Cemetery
  • Applegate Cemetery
  • Bethlehem Cemetery
  • Baird Cemetery, aka King Cemetery, 54 Cemetery and 74 Cemetery
  • Barnett Cemetery, aka Adams Cemetery
  • Barnes Cemetery
  • Beswick Cemetery, aka Walnut Hill Cemetery
  • Black and White Cemetery, aka Weir or Wilson Cemetery
  • Blue Lick Cemetery, aka Mountain Grove Cemetery
  • Borden Town Cemetery, Old
  • Bottorff Cemetery
  • Bottorff/Couch Cemetery
  • Bowyer Cemetery, aka Hogan Cemetery
  • Briar Hill Cemetery, Slave and Free Blacks Cemetery
  • Britan Cemetery, aka Pisgah Cemetery
  • Burtt Cemetery
  • Caldwell Cemetery, aka Lutz/Prather Cemetery
  • Carter Cemetery
  • Cass Cemetery
  • Chestnut/Market Street Cemetery
  • Clegg Cemetery, aka Mt. Moriah Cemetery
  • Charlestown Cemetery
  • Civil War Cemetery
  • Clegg Cemetery
  • Collings Cemetery
  • Coble Cemetery
  • Conn Cemetery
  • County Poor Farm Cemetery
  • Covert Cemetery
  • Crace Cemetery
  • Cremer/Kramer Cemetery
  • Crown Hill Cemetery
  • Cunningham Cemetery
  • Daisy Hill Cemetery
  • Dieterlen Grave
  • Dietz Cemetery
  • Douglas Cemetery
  • Dow Cemetery
  • Eastern Cemetery
  • Ebenezer Methodist Episcopal Church and Cemetery
  • Emmanuel United Methodist Church Cemetery
  • Emmanuel Cemetery
  • Espy Cemetery
  • Faris Cemetery
  • Fisher Cemetery
  • Forest Grove Cemetery, aka Willey’s Chapel
  • Fouts/Robison Cemetery
  • Francis Wells Family Cemetery, aka Francis Wells Cemetery
  • Frazier Family Cemetery
  • Friend Cemetery, aka Dailey Cemetery
  • Gibson Cemetery
  • Gilmore Cemetery
  • Glass Family Cemetery
  • Goben Cemetery
  • Goodwin Cemetery
  • Goodwin/Nicholson Cemetery
  • Goss Cemetery I
  • Goss Cemetery II
  • Grayfriar-McMillen Cemetery
  • Grayson Cemetery
  • Gruen Cemetery
  • Guernsey Cemetery
  • Hale McBride Family Cemetery
  • Hallett Cemetery
  • Hammond Cemetery
  • Hendricks Cemetery, aka Sarles Cemetery and Hell’s Half Acre
  • Henryville Cemetery
  • Hester-Rowland Cemetery
  • Hibernia Cemetery at Hibernia Christian Church
  • Hosea Family Cemetery
  • Hylton-Condrey Cemetery
  • Izzard Cemetery
  • James Stuart Plantation Cemetery
  • Johnson Family Cemetery
  • Kaylor-Wilcox Cemetery
  • Kern Cemetery
  • Kessler Cemetery, aka Faris
  • Koonz Cemetery
  • Lacassagne/Moore Cemetery
  • Lawrence Cemetery
  • Lehmanowsky Cemetery
  • Lentz Family Cemetery
  • Lentz Heirs Cemetery, Family of John George Summers
  • Little Union Cemetery, sometimes referred to as Gross Cemetery
  • Long Cemetery
  • Louden Cemetery
  • Manaugh Cemetery
  • Mathes Cemetery
  • McBride (David) Cemetery
  • McClintick Cemetery
  • McCormick Cemetery
  • McDonald Cemetery
  • McKinley-Packwood Cemetery
  • Meloy Cemetery
  • Mikesell Cemetery
  • Montgomery Cemetery
  • Mt. Lebanon Cemetery
  • Mt. Zion Cemetery
  • New Chapel Cemetery
    • Part I — Adams to Lawrence)
    • Part II — Lawton to Young)
  • New Hope Cemetery
  • New Market Christian Church Cemetery
  • New Market Presbyterian Church Cemetery, aka Mt. Vernon Cemetery
  • New Washington Christian Church and Cemetery
  • Newman/Fisher Cemetery
  • Old City Cemetery, Mulberry Street Cemetery
  • Olive Branch Cemetery
  • Otisco Cemetery I, aka Seedtick Cemetery
  • Otisco Cemetery II
  • Owen Creek Presbyterian/Baptist Church and Cemetery
  • Patterson Cemetery
  • Perry Cemetery
  • Phelps Cemetery
  • Pleasant Grove Cemetery
  • Pleasant Ridge Cemetery
  • Pleasant View Cemetery
  • Plum Run Cemetery
  • Poindexter Cemetery
  • Queen of Heaven Cemetery
  • Robertson Cemetery
  • Robertson Cemetery
  • Robinson Cemetery
  • Ross Cemetery
  • Salem Methodist Church Cemetery
  • Sawmill Road Cemetery
  • Sellersburg Cemetery
  • Shelby Cemetery
  • Shiloh Cemetery, aka Owen Township Cemetery
  • Silver Creek Cemetery
  • Silver Creek Cemetery
  • Smith Cemetery
  • Smith Cemetery
  • St. Anthony’s Cemetery
  • St. Clair Cemetery
  • St. Francis Catholic Cemetery
  • St. John the Baptist Catholic Church and Cemetery
  • St. Joseph Catholic Church and Cemetery
  • St. Michael’s Cemetery
  • Stacy Cemetery
  • Staples Cemetery
  • States Cemetery
  • Stewart Cemetery
  • Tiaris Cemetery
  • Turner Cemetery
  • Tuttle Cemetery
  • Union Cemetery
    • Part 1
    • Part 2
  • Unknown Oregon Twp. Cemeteries
  • Unknown Owen Twp. Cemeteries
  • Utica Cemetery
    • Part 1 — Abernathy to Jenning)
    • Part 2 — Johnson to Snider)
    • Part 3 — Solfrank to Zinck)
  • Utica Cemetery
  • Walnut Hill Cemetery
  • Walnut Ridge Cemetery
  • Washington Cemetery
  • Waters Cemetery Cemetery II
  • Webb Farm Cemetery
  • Weimer Cemetery
  • Whalen Cemetery
  • Whitson Cemetery
  • Wood Cemetery
  • Work Cemetery
  • Wootan Cemetery
  • Worrell/Worrall Cemetery

Clay County

Following Cemeteries (hosted at Clay County INGenWeb)

  • Peavey Cemetery
  • Poff Cemetery
  • Neidligner Cemetery

Clinton County

Crawford County

Following Cemeteries (hosted at Morgan County Resources)

Daviess County

Following Cemeteries (hosted at Daviess County, Indiana Tombstone Transcription Project)

Following Cemeteries (hosted at Daviess County INGenWeb Project)


Indiana Cemetery Records: A directory of resources providing online access to Indiana Cemetery records. See also United States Cemetery Records for cemetery records on all of the United States.

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  1. Help please. I am trying to find Mt. Olive Cemetery in Barr, Township, Daviess County, Indiana. Looking for information on grave for John Tinker, DOB May 1849, DOD 29 May 1917. Death Certificate # 15629. Spouse Nancy. Parent: Jacob Tinker and Jemima nee Barnes. Thank you for you kind assistance.
    Angela Tinker

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