N-R Surnames – 1818 Gallatin County, Illinois Census


Name: Head of Household
Page: Page of Census Listing
Range of Ages:

1st Number – Free white males 21 yr. and upwards
2nd Number – All other white inhabitants
3rd Number – Free persons of colour
4th Number – Servants or slaves


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Needam, Henry9801-01-00-00
Newell, John9001-06-00-00
Newman, Simpson9401-08-00-00
Nickles, Benjamin8501-03-00-00
Nickless, Henry8501-04-00-00
Norante, Daniel8900-00-09-00
Nortel, David8601-12-00-00
Odrien, Moses9801-08-00-00
Ormsby, John W.8902-06-00-00
Ormsby, Oliver8801-02-00-00
Ormsby, Robert10101-00-00-00
Overfield, Moses8701-05-00-00
Owen, Willis9101-00-00-00
Owens, Joseph10102-03-00-33
Owens, Joseph9504-02-00-04
Owens, Robert8801-08-00-00
Pace, Joel9801-00-00-00
Panky, Hanton9501-10-00-00
Pantus, James8901-05-00-00
Parris, Luess9701-02-00-00
Pate, Anthony8801-09-00-00
Pate, Parrett9402-07-00-00
Pate, William9401-06-00-00
Pattersen, Th. C.9206-01-00-03
Patton, Robert9801-07-00-00
Pearce, Abner9301-02-00-00
Peebles, Robert8501-00-00-00
Perkins, Stephen9001-06-00-00
Perry, John9001-02-00-00
Petters, William C.9201-04-00-00
Pettygrew, James M.8701-06-00-00
Pool, Jeremiah9801-03-00-00
Porter, James A.10001-00-00-00
Posey, John10201-06-00-02
Posey, Washington A. G.10001-00-00-00
Potts, David9701-06-00-00
Potts, Isaac9803-02-00-01
Powell, Green9001-04-00-00
Powell, Nicholas9001-05-00-00
Prowitt, Jacob9201-08-00-00
Pullom, Edward T.8401-03-00-00
Ragan, John O.10101-00-00-00
Rage, David9501-08-00-00
Ragline, George9002-02-00-00
Ragline, Haly8701-03-00-00
Ragsdale, George8901-00-00-00
Rark, William8901-06-00-00
Realy, Morris9601-01-00-00
Redman, Parmenus8501-00-00-00
Reed, John8702-07-00-00
Reed, Joseph8501-08-00-00
Reed, Joseph8701-03-00-00
Reed, Samuel9601-07-00-00
Reeder, Isaac9601-09-00-00
Reely, Owen8502-00-00-00
Reily, Joseph8701-08-00-00
Reives, James9401-03-00-00
Reives, Jams9501-03-00-00
Rice, Benjamin9201-03-00-00
Riddle, Richard9301-10-00-00
Right, Samuel10008-08-00-00
Riley, Isaac8701-02-00-00
Rives, John C.8401-00-00-00
Roberts, Edward9101-03-00-00
Robertson, Hugh9302-07-00-00
Robertson, John9514-18-03-21
Robinson, Christopher8403-01-00-00
Robinson, Clary8500-00-08-00
Robinson, John10112-18-00-14
Robinson, Jonathan10101-00-00-00
Robinson, Michael8401-08-00-00
Robinson, William9301-05-00-00
Rohrer, John8503-04-00-00
Rosen, Abner9801-05-00-00
Ross, Charles9701-01-00-00
Rossen, Thomas8801-04-00-00
Rowlings, Moses M.28701-03-00-02
Rude, Handersen9301-06-00-00
Runnels, William9601-03-00-00
Russell, James9402-13-00-00
Russle, Edman9301-08-00-00
Rutan, John D.10201-02-00-00

Gallatin County IL,

Norton, Margaret Cross. Illinois Census Returns 1810, 1818. Published in the Collections of the Illinois State Historical Library, volume XXIV.

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