C-E Surnames – 1818 Gallatin County, Illinois Census


Name: Head of Household
Page: Page of Census Listing
Range of Ages:

1st Number – Free white males 21 yr. and upwards
2nd Number – All other white inhabitants
3rd Number – Free persons of colour
4th Number – Servants or slaves


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Cade, Simon8500-01-03-00
Cain, James8501-02-00-00
Caldwell, John8601-05-00-00
Caldwell, Samuel9600-00-05-00
Campbel, John28701-03-00-00
Campble, Charles8512-06-00-02
Campble, Lindsey9202-04-00-00
Campble, Samuel R.8501-00-00-03
Carby, Jane9300-03-00-00
Carrel, Harlande9802-03-00-00
Carry, Margaret8600-07-00-00
Carter, John8601-03-00-00
Carter, John9001-03-00-00
Casen, Seth8801-03-00-00
Cassy, Nicholas9203-02-00-04
Cerbow, Samuel9801-05-00-00
Chaffen, Elias8801-01-00-00
Cheach, Isem9500-00-03-00
Cheach, James9001-07-00-00
Cheake, William9203-04-07-01
Choplin, Nicholas9501-10-00-00
Christem, William9601-07-00-00
Cladwell, Matthew9302-05-00-02
Clark, Samuel8801-08-00-07
Clarke, Anesly9001-07-00-00
Clarke, Joseph8602-06-00-00
Clemson, E. B.10101-03-00-03
Clift, James8601-02-00-00
Cochren, Charles10003-00-00-00
Colbert, James9201-02-00-00
Colbert, James9701-03-00-00
Collins, James8801-00-00-00
Collins, John9301-03-00-00
Cook, John8401-09-00-00
Cook, Jonathan10102-08-00-00
Cooke, Elisha9502-09-00-00
Cooper, Henry10101-00-00-00
Cooper, Joseph8601-02-00-00
Cooper, Martn9503-06-00-00
Cowan, John8402-00-00-00
Cox, Able9702-01-00-00
Cox, Henry9403-09-00-00
Cox, Isaac9701-01-00-00
Cox, William9501-01-00-00
Coxe, Thomas8902-06-00-00
Cozad, Joseph8801-06-00-00
Crabbtree, James9501-07-00-00
Craig, Robert8901-00-00-00
Cravens, Jessee9101-08-00-00
Croggins, Chartin9701-04-00-00
Cummins, Benjamin9501-09-00-00
Cummins, Thornton9201-04-00-00
Cummins, William9201-04-00-00
Daimwood, Boston9801-01-00-00
Damewood, John8801-05-00-00
Daniel, William9701-06-00-00
Dare, Hubard8501-03-00-00
Dare, Hubbard9601-03-00-00
Dart, William8701-04-00-00
Davis, George9201-06-00-00
Dawsen, Thomas9210-06-00-06
Dawson, Darkis9000-07-00-00
Dawson, Thomas10000-00-00-05
Deacen, Robert8801-03-00-00
Dederich, Daniel9601-08-00-00
Dekanport, Otho8801-07-00-00
Deprest, Jeffrey8800-00-02-00
Devanpert, M. D.28701-03-00-00
Dickins, Daniel8501-03-00-00
Dillard, James8601-07-00-00
Dillingham, Mich9401-01-00-01
Dillingham, William9401-05-00-00
Dodge, Bazel8701-02-00-00
Doolin, Daiel9803-06-00-00
Doolin, David8803-08-00-00
Drake, James8901-02-00-00
Dubvall, Natly8901-03-00-00
Duff, Daiel9101-03-00-00
Duglass, Josiah9201-07-00-00
Dun, Sampson9802-07-00-00
Dunkin, Eliza9100-07-00-00
Dunkin, Henry9601-07-00-00
Dunn, John9002-07-00-00
Duvall, John9301-03-00-01
Duvall, William8701-06-00-00
Eddy, Henry10001-01-00-00
Edwards, Turner8801-04-00-00
Edwards, Turner9801-05-00-00
Egbert, Nicholas8401-07-00-00
Elliott, Richard8401-00-00-00
Ellis, James8901-03-00-00
Ellis, William9101-08-00-01
Ells, Benjamin28701-01-00-00
Ensminger, Emanuel9301-06-00-30
Este, Chism9301-08-00-01
Este, Chism9301-08-00-01
Etter, Peter9601-03-00-00

Gallatin County IL,

Norton, Margaret Cross. Illinois Census Returns 1810, 1818. Published in the Collections of the Illinois State Historical Library, volume XXIV.

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