Biography of J. T. Butler

We copy from a recent issue of the Tuscola Review:
“J. T. Butler, of this city, secretary and manager of the Corn Belt National & Loan Association, had received intelligence from his brother in California, that he had struck a gold mine of unparalleled richness, and that our fellow citizen was a half owner in the new wonder.”

“The editor knowing that Mr. Butler was a man who shunned notoriety and would be loath to give out. information that would bring him into such prominence as an article of this kind necessarily will, approached him on the subject. He was at first disinclined to talk on the subject, but learning that it had become generally known throughout the city, he consented to make a statement, in order that the public might get the facts and facts only. As Mr. Butler is a man of unimpeachable character and known to be a truthful and conservative man, we have the fullest confidence in his statement.”

“The following facts have been given us by Mr. Butler, and his host of friends in this city are happy to know that he has suddenly become, or will soon become, the wealthiest man not only in Tuscola, hut probably in the state of Illinois.”

“He states that he has a brother, Dr. Thomas Butler, a prominent and reputable physician of San Diego, who has been in the gold regions of that and other states for thirteen years, and who has always prospected more or less. About three months ago his brother visited the great Dewey mine in what is known as the “Grapevine” district, sixty miles east of San Diego. This range of mountains is probably a spur of the San Barnadino range and are called the Vulcan mountains. The Dewey mine is a late discovery and was recently capitalized at one million dollars. It is regarded as a wonder.”

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Douglas County IL,

Gresham, John M. Historical and Biographical Record of Douglas County, Illinois Logansport, Indiana: Press of Wilson, Humphreys & Co. 1900.

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