A-B Surnames – 1818 Gallatin County, Illinois Census


Name: Head of Household
Page: Page of Census Listing
Range of Ages:

1st Number – Free white males 21 yr. and upwards
2nd Number – All other white inhabitants
3rd Number – Free persons of colour
4th Number – Servants or slaves


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NamePage #Range of Ages
Abney, Absolom9501-03-00-00
Abney, William9501-04-00-00
Adams, Eli9401-03-00-00
Adams, Hosea9701-02-00-00
Adams, Jessee9601-02-00-00
Addison, Thomas9201-07-00-00
Adkin, Owen9101-08-00-00
Adkin, Wyatt, Jr.9001-02-00-00
Adkin, Wyatt9103-04-00-00
Akers, Thomas8701-03-00-00
Akers, William28701-04-00-00
Albin, James8702-05-00-00
Allen, James9302-05-00-00
Allen, John10001-00-00-00
Allen, Rowland9501-02-00-00
Alsep, Thomas C.9307-07-00-25
Alsop, Thomas C.10104-00-00-07
Ambars, John9001-02-00-00
Anderson, Lucy10000-00-02-00
Anderson, William8601-00-00-00
Apperson, David8402-00-00-00
Armstrong, Nathaniel8901-07-00-00
Arnet, Benjaminn9701-01-00-00
Arnett, Willia9701-02-00-00
Ashban, William10001-01-00-00
Aterson, William9601-08-00-00
Atkinson, John9301-02-00-00
Atkinson, Joseph9301-07-00-00
Attchasen, Joseph T.9501-02-00-00
Bailey, Robert9301-00-00-00
Baker, Benjamin9801-06-00-00
Baker, Isaac N.9401-04-00-00
Baker, Jeter9202-05-00-00
Baker, Jon10101-00-00-00
Baker, Joseph9601-09-00-00
Baldin, Elisha8701-06-00-00
Baldin, Isaac9701-05-00-00
Baly, James10001-08-00-00
Barber, Luck9900-03-00-00
Barker, John9302-01-00-00
Barlow, Thomas8501-02-00-00
Barlow, Thomas9302-06-00-00
Barnett, David9602-07-00-00
Barnett, James9601-03-00-00
Barnhart, John10001-06-00-00
Barnhill, Alexander8801-06-00-00
Barnhill, Nancy8601-05-00-00
Barnhill, Nancy8901-05-00-00
Bates, Britton8601-05-00-00
Beck, Stephen8602-05-00-01
Bellah, Ruben8901-04-00-00
Berger, Jacob8501-05-00-03
Berry, William9201-08-00-00
Bery, John9403-10-00-00
Bethel, Chester9402-07-00-00
Bird, James9202-03-00-00
Birdon, Reuben9402-01-00-00
Black, John9001-02-00-00
Black, John9802-04-00-00
Black, William9801-06-00-00
Blakeky, John9602-04-00-00
Blakely, Joseph10101-03-00-00
Blalocke, Henry9801-09-00-00
Blarney, Thoma10001-00-00-00
Blauer, Jacob10201-01-00-00
Blizard, William9101-05-00-00
Boier, Jacob9801-08-00-00
Boldin, John9301-05-00-00
Bond, George9101-11-00-00
Boutwell, Leony8702-04-00-00
Boutwell, Stephen8601-08-00-00
Bowls, William8501-01-00-01
Brackin, Isaac9401-09-00-08
Bramblett, John9402-00-00-00
Bramlett, Benjamin9401-02-00-00
Bramlett, Henry9401-07-00-00
Bratton, Andrew9301-01-00-00
Bratton, Samuel9101-00-00-00
Bridgeman, Joseph9501-01-00-00
Bridger, Joseph8601-03-00-00
Bridges, Robert K.8801-00-00-00
Bridgman, David9501-00-00-00
Bridgman, Nathan9501-06-00-00
Brown, Benjamin C.8800-00-02-00
Brown, Coleman9402-07-00-00
Brown, David10000-00-07-00
Brown, Joeph10001-00-00-00
Brown, John10110-02-00-03
Brown, John9401-03-00-00
Brown, John9603-03-00-00
Brown, Marvel9401-01-00-00
Brown, Squire8402-09-00-00
Brown, Thomas9401-02-00-00
Brunden, Sarah8500-02-00-00
Buck, Warner28703-02-00-00
Burnett, William9501-07-00-00
Butler, Elijah9401-07-00-00

Gallatin County IL,

Norton, Margaret Cross. Illinois Census Returns 1810, 1818. Published in the Collections of the Illinois State Historical Library, volume XXIV.

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