History of Tennessee

Goodspeed Publishing Co. History of Tennessee from the earliest time to the present. Goodspeed Publishing Co. 1887.

Goodspeed’s History of Tennessee

Goodspeed Publishing Company wrote a series of volumes on the history and people of Tennessee that were published in 1887. The following data and histories have been extracted from those volumes and comprise this collection on Tennessee. This collection contains 165 biographical sketches along with some Civil War rosters. Civil War Rosters Company A, Forty-first […]

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Company H, Eighth Tennessee Confederate States Army

The following named persons enlisted from what is now Moore County: Killed in the service Benjamin Morgan Frank Johnson Lieut. J. G. Call W. L. Davidson W. H. Martin Joseph Stacy P. Y. Mitchell Alexander Brady John Reese Wounded L. A. Farrer W. J. Taylor Nat. S. Forrester Lieutenant John Sullivan Berry Leftwich Brittain Carragan

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Company E, of the First Tennessee Confederate Infantry

Officers Dr. E. Y. Salmon, captain T. H. Mann, first lieutenant C. W. Lucas, second lieutenant W. F. Taylor, third lieutenant W. P. Tolley, first sergeant J. P. Edde, second sergeants T. H. Parks, third sergeant J. N. Taylor, fourth sergeant M. C. Parks, first corporal J. H. Silvertooth, second corporal A. W. Womack, third

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Company D, First Tennessee, Confederate States Army

Captain, N. L. Simpson, died during the war, and John Bevel then became captain. Killed in the service First lieutenant ____ Awalt lieutenants William Davis Thomas Baggett Nat Norvell Tuck Hill Thomas Davis Allen Pogue Jacob Mitchell Ben George Henry Driver Giles Powers Thomas Taylor Wounded Captain John Bevel Lieut. H. J. Byrom Alex Reedy

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Biography of W.W. Wade

W. W. Wade, Judge of the Fifth Chancery Division of Tennessee, is a native of Dekalb County, born in Smithville in 1848, a son of Wm. M. and Caroline (Eastham) Wade. The Father was of Scotch-Irish descent, born in Virginia in 1826. His Father (grandfather of our subject), Wm. H., also a native of Virginia.

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Biography of W.R. Smith

Smith, W.R, of the firm Smith Bros., the well-known proprietors of a general store of Smithville, established their house in the fall of 1877. He is the sons of William S. and Catherine J. (Tippitt) Smith. The father was of English-Irish descent, born in Wilson County, Tenn., in 1823. His father, John Y. Smith, was

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Biography of Simeon Ashley

Simeon Ashley, clerk of Coffee county Circuit court, and a prominent citizen of Manchester, was born March 8, 1830, near Beech Grove, Tennessee. He is the son of William and Mary (Weaver) Ashley, of English and Scotch descent respectively – the former born in South Carolina, Lawrence District, February 14, 1789, and the latter, in

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