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Biography of General William Mcintosh

William Mcintosh was a half-breed of the Muscogee or Creek Nation, and was born at Coweta. His father was Capt. William McIntosh, a Scotchman; his mother a native, Of unmixed blood. Of the early life of McIntosh very little is known. He was intelligent and brave. In person he was tall, finely formed, and of graceful and commanding manners. The first notice we have of him is after his junction with the American forces in 1812. Gent Floyd speaks highly of him in his report Of the battle Of Autossee. Gen, Jackson speaks of him as Major McIntosh. He distinguished

Biography of General William Augustus Bowles

General William Augustus Bowles, as much of the embarrassments which Georgia experienced in settling the difficulties connected with the Creek Indians, immediately after the Revolution, arose from the interference of the man whose name is placed at the head of this article, we have concluded to give our readers a short account of his life, chiefly derived from a pamphlet published many years since. General William Augustus Bowles was born in Frederick County, Maryland, in the year 1764. During the American Revolution, he joined the British army, in which he soon obtained a commission. After the battle of Monmouth, he

Biography of General Alexander McGillivray

General Alexander McGillivray this remarkable man was the son of Lachlan McGillivray, a native of Scotland, who came to South Carolina in the year 1735 and engaged in the Indian trade, at that time a very lucrative business. In the course of a few years, by his address and industry, he amassed a large property. During the Revolutionary War, he associated himself with the royalists, and when Savannah was evacuated by the enemy, he left Georgia, with a hope that his son might be permitted to take possession of his valuable estate; but in this he was disappointed; for, with