Collection: Harrison County Iowa Genealogy

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Harrison County Iowa Genealogy

The following information has been compiled on Harrison County Iowa genelaogy from a variety of sources. Judy White, one of the team here at AccessGenealogy grew up in Harrison County and her Wallis family descends from that area since their immigration from England to America in the 1800’s. These are records that she compiled.

1897-1961 Mondamin Iowa High School Alumni

Pictures for most of the graduating classes of Mondamin High School can be found in the Mondamin Public Library. Graduating classes from 1897 to 1961 are included here. In 1962 due to reorganization the Mondamin, Modale, Pisgah and Little Sioux schools became West Harrison Community School District. Some of the female names have their married name. Use the find feature of your browser to search this page. Class of 1897 Evelyn Adams-Faylor Mary Barett-Smith Lizzie Brawley-Hyde Myrtle Stamper-Earlywine Maude Weldon-Spurlin Class of 1899 Feren Green Ethel Noyes-Garrison Class of 1902 Lottie Burcham-Goodman Lillian McKean-Jensen Helen Morrow-Toben Class of 1903 Mable

Mondamin Iowa Early Residents

Joseph Krumel native of Bohemia, arrived in Mondamin in 1868. The day after his arrival he went to work cutting logs. Other men were cutting posts and making holes in logs, fastening them together with mulberry limbs. these were made into rafts which were about 25 feet wide and 80 feet long. These were sent to Florence, Nebraska to a sawmill. Mr. Krumel later married Henry McNealey’s widow. Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Morrow from Ireland migrated first to Canada and came by covered wagon to Harrison county in 1856. Mr. Morrow was so impressed with the surrounding territory that he

Mondamin Iowa Civil War Veterans

Barnes Post 103 Grand Army of the Republic was organized in Mondamin October 24, 1882 by seventeen charter members. The first officers were: C. H. Burrows, Commander; T. J. Powell, S.V.; W. B. Keith, J. V.; E. J. Hagerman, Surgeon; John H. Noyes, Q.M.; S. J. Linn, O.D.; and R. Morgriedge, O. G. The following names were given as members in the 1891 Harrison County History Book J. W. Arbaugh, Pvt., Co. F, 73rd Indiana Inf. Jess L. Arbaugh, Pvt. Co. F, 13 Iowa Inf. E. C. Beaman, Pvt., Co E, 21st Indiana Inf. J. W. Beaman, Pvt. Co. E,

Civil War Veterans of Little Sioux Iowa

J. W. Alton W. B. Alton Andrew Armstrong S. C. Bartholomew Milton Bassett James Beecham Henry Bishop H. H. Bonney Jasper Bonney W. H. Butler John C. Conyers Matthew M. Conyers S. W. Crane B. F. Croasdale Ander M. Ellis Clarke Ellis John H. Ellis Andrew J. Erb William Fisher S. B. Frost A. Griffith James Harmon Cornelias Hendrickson David Herring Thomas Jester B. L. Jones S. W. Jones William Kellar R. W. Kerr E. P. Kidder Joshua Lane W. LeSeur J. C. Lytle Thomas McAdon Chester McEvers Elisha McEvers L. H. McWilliams Dan Murphy Rudolph Neitzsch Charles W. Oden

Pioneer Roster of Little Sioux Iowa

The following is a list of names not in the order pictured. Information was written on the back of the picture. The list of service does not mean that every one served in the Civil War, just those with length of service: David Hering, Dec 5, 1843, 3 years Capt. G. W. Chase, Feb 16, 1821, served 4 years Abel Leach, Oct 5, 1812 Frank Brown, Sept 25, 1849 Corp. H.H. Bonney, Dec 27 1839, served 3 years Andrew Armstrong, Aug 12, 1820 served 3 years A.J. Erb, Aug 20 1839, served 2 years Thomas Leo, Aug 26 1880, Served

Modale Iowa High School Graduates

These names were compiled from lists given by members of the community.  We sincerely hope no names have been omitted.  I do not know if there was a list at the school of the graduates, this is what the Modale book contained. Class of 1896 Ella Dakin Della Hammer Kathryn Kirlin Susie Kirlin Mertie Pritchard Nancie Pritachard Class of 1897 Nettie Bourne Della Boyd Nettie Bracken Floyd Crouch Nettie Cutler Lela Harvey Zayda Linn Orphia Ritchison Minnie Snyder Class of 1898 James Parker George Parker Bertha Crouch Jackson Motz Class of 1899 Stella Parker Etta Wilson Nettie Ross Clara McQueen

Modale Iowa Early Residents

Early residents of the town of Modale Iowa. C. L. Arbaugh J. & E. Ashcraft J. Bahrer H. Behrens R. Bennet S. Berkley M. Bieger Geo. Blackman M. Blenkiron Mary Boner N. Boynton C. G. Brandriff A. & C. Brown V. Bunn E. Burke J. Clark A. Cochrane Silas Cook T. J. Cook V. Cooper E. Crashaw M. Davenburg W. Doty H. Dykeman J. Elston J. Fry D. Gamit Wm. Garner H. Geith D. Gilett Chas. Gilmore A. Gregory Janes Haas J. Harker S. & L. Heaston J. Hicks W. Hill A. Hollis Geo. Kager Wm. Kennedy W. Kinney J.

Modale Iowa Civil War Veterans

Civil War Veterans who resided in Modale Iowa. The list was created in 1884, but we are unsure if all the men listed here were still alive at that time. James Alexander Jacob Antabus Jesse Arbaugh John Arbaugh H. O. Beebe James Bird Jesse Bowman W. H. Bourne R. G. Boyd S. J. Bracken F. M. Caywood David Clever Levi Crouch Charles Cutler Aaron Davis Richard Davis Nebraska Indian Scout J. M. Epperson Henry George, Died in war J. S. Lightell B. F. Martin James McManimie Julius Miller Jennings Morrow W. W. Morton J. W. Myers Sidney Palen John Pritchard

1884 Directory of Washington Iowa

Last First and Middle Section Post Office Township Business Origin Arrival County State Birks Thos R 2 Persia Washington Farmer Illinois 1876 Harrison Iowa Bray Alfred 9 Persia Washington Farmer Iowa 1877 Harrison Iowa Bray Edward 9 Persia Washington Farmer Iowa 1877 Harrison Iowa Bennett Samuel 5 Persia Washington Farmer/Engineer England 1881 Harrison Iowa Bailey R H 7 Persia Washington Farmer/Stock Raiser/Supervisor Ohio 1881 Harrison Iowa Booher E B 7 Yorkshire Washington Farmer Pennsylvania 1879 Harrison Iowa Chapman Jno Jr 4 Persia Washington Farmer England 1870 Harrison Iowa Chambers Wm 5 Persia Washington Farmer Scotland 1868 Harrison Iowa Chambers Jno